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Breastfeeding weaning

(4 Posts)
mummyhsb Tue 30-May-17 19:34:52

I have really loved feeding my second daughter who is now almost 13 months old. But I'm due to have another baby in October and I want to breastfeed my new baby too. I don't wish to tandem feed only because I feel like it'll decrease the attention I can give to my eldest daughter even more. But my girl that I'm breastfeeding now is so in love with the boob and still has it so much throughout the day (which is also affecting her ability to eat proper amounts of food but without boob she cries A LOT). So I don't know what to do and want to wean my youngest asap. Any advice on how to do so please? I love bf her but I want to prepare for new baby. Thanks :-)

DorotheaHomeAlone Wed 31-May-17 19:27:20

Hey! Our babies are the same age. I've weaned my son down to just morning and evening, which I'm happy to continue with for a while but could easily replace with cows milk from cups if necessary. I just stretched out the feeds using distractions until he was in four a day at regular times. Then I subbed in a snack for the afternoon and eventually for the mid morning feed too. This shouldn't be too tricky as long as she eats well. Took about a month when I did it (starting at 10.5 months). I'd probably factor in two months if you want to drop evening and morning too.

Good luck. I weaned my first when pregnant with my second for similar reasons. I just really needed a break from the intensity before the next one arrived.

DorotheaHomeAlone Wed 31-May-17 19:28:51

Ive just noticed she can be picky with food in which case I'd use yoghurt as the snack/distraction.

DorotheaHomeAlone Wed 31-May-17 19:29:13

Ive just noticed she can be picky with food in which case I'd use yoghurt as the snack/distraction.

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