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Gift ideas needed please. 3yo boy, 6yo girl.

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NapQueen Mon 29-May-17 21:32:10

Birthdays coming up and I know others will ask for ideas.

Stuff they like playing with / doing:
Ds - building blocks, wooden train track, colouring in, playing outside in sandpit, scooting, cars, looking at books
Dd - barbies, movies, outdoor exploring and widlife, board games, reading, running

They have "stuff" like playmobil, lego, both have grown out of the play kitchen, they have a desk for coloring and an easel.

Thoughts so far (will also use any ideas for xmas too) is a tablet for dd (so any recommendations would be good!), some sort of constructing set like meccano or those magnetic sets that stick together for ds with maybe some for dd too, a kite?

Anything else? I also like the idea for entry tickets to places, bit would like a few tangeable gifts to open.

BlueChampagne Wed 31-May-17 16:28:30

Meccano is quite complex for this age; you'd be better off with geomag or lego sets (Nexo Knights are a big thing in our house).

DVDs of classic films?
Wildlife magazine subscription, even sponsor an animal (and get fluffy version)?

BlueChampagne Wed 31-May-17 16:30:01

Aerobie Pro or frisbee?

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