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How to cool room down?

(4 Posts)
MummyToABabbaBoy Sun 28-May-17 09:48:34

Exactly as title says. Even though my DS isn't wearing much, the problem is tho room temperature.
I've got a gro egg and it's reading 25 at the moment. All windows open but no breeze. It's sweating hot and I don't know how to cool the room down without disturbing him. (He's a light sleeper and if he wakes up he won't go back down for hours)
All ideas welcome.
No fan's though. Tried that and it just moves around warm air and it very big and noisy.

Thatextrainch Sun 28-May-17 13:24:29

Do you have any ice? Ice piled into a bowl will cool the room down a bit.

I aim the fan at my dds bed for a couple of hours before she goes to bed, that tends to make her mattress cool.

Last year dds bedroom hit 27 degrees. She went to sleep in just a nappy

Obvious thing but keep curtains closed if sun is shining into the room as it'll help stop heating up

ProudBadMum Sun 28-May-17 13:25:55

I send 8 month old to bed in just a nappy. She sleeps better. Window opens a tiny bit but not enough to cool the room down so we open all windows upstairs and mainly on landing so there's some kind of breeze

RedSandYellowSand Sun 28-May-17 13:48:26

Windows open as soon as it's cooler outside than in (on opposite sides of the house to get a breeze).
Curtains shut as soon as the sun is shining through the glass - and you can have open windows and closed curtains if that works.
Some people suggest freezing big bottles of water, and leaving them in the room. Never tried this. Our house is cooled to 25 with AC. Just wear the appropriate amounts of clothes (ie minimal), try to get a breeze going.

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