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My son keeps getting bitten at preschool.

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HoleySock Wed 24-May-17 22:28:28

A child at my son's preschool has bitten him on three separate occasions. He also says that this boy hits him sometimes. Every time there has been an incident the preschool address it immediately and have dealt with the situation - although admittedly I only know how they have dealt with it with my son. I'm guessing some sort of confidentiality means we don't know the ins and outs of how this other child is being reprimanded.

They always reassure me that he didn't cry and he was oh so brave etc but he is starting to be anxious about going to school and when I speak to him it's always because "john" might bite me again, or "john" always hits me.

My kid is no angel. But he is very sensitive and an amazing communicator. When I spoke to the staff at parents evening they said that the two boys gravitated towards each other because they have similar traits in personality and like to be mischievous which I can well believe. My guess is that while my guy talks himself out of situations maybe "john" isn't quite there yet and gets physical. Sadly my little boy is his regular target.

My son is an August born kiddo and starts school in September just after he turns four. We have him in the preschool for the school he will be joining and absolutely love the school and preschool. He has come on leaps and bounds since starting at the preschool and I am reluctant to move him for several reasons - it's attached to the school and will help transition into full time school. The staff are lovely and he loves them. We've already moved preschool once when we moved house. He's had a lot of changes this year already with the house move and new sibling.

So, considering I really want him to stay where he is, how do I handle this. I obviously don't want him to be bitten again. I've suggested to him he stays away from "john" if he isn't playing nicely... I'm trying not to be PFB about the whole situation but as he is my first I really don't know whether I should be asking for more intervention to stop it happening again... help me please! (And be gentle. Three kids three and under. Haven't slept in forever 😂)

upwardsandonwards33 Thu 25-May-17 18:26:30

You can reasonably ask the staff what they have done to stop the biting from happening. Ask them what are they doing to anticipate and stop situations from occurring where biting happens and do ask them if they have spoken to the parents of 'John'.
Keep a record of conversations, even a retrospective one.
If the biting continues and you don't feel the nursery staff are doing enough, then escalate to the head teacher as they will be head of the attached nursery school too.

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