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Viral induced wheeze back to back infections

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gottaloveascamhun Wed 17-May-17 09:21:44

My 3 year old has been hospitalised 7 times overnight for up to 5 nights on nebulisers, oxygen, steroids. He is now on montelukast. My 6 year old also suffers from wheeze with a virus. In the last 5 weeks she has been poorly for 4 weeks. Now they are both unwell. We had the ambulance out for 6yo for nebulisers after phoning 111. They have been off school and nursery for 3 days. Antibiotics, steroids and 10 puffs of inhaler every 4 hours. Nights have been v bad. I now have a chest infection too so I'm off work myself. Looking after them whilst I'll myself is tough. Not sure what I'm asking except has anyone else had children with viral induced wheeze and how do you cope?

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