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2 year olds - Who has one and who can help!

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AmateurParents Tue 16-May-17 14:34:37


My son is due to turn 2 very soon and I was looking to gain some advice from others parent of boys mainly (girls are much quicker than boys!) and share some knowledge with others. Of course every child and every circumstance is different I know that, but it would be interesting to see what others are doing and where I can improve or different methods I could try with things.

What is their sleeping pattern like? Including naps?

What creative pay do you partake in?

Do you go to many toddler groups?

Disciplining seems to be a hot topic in our house. Our DS just seems to laugh every time I tell him off for touching plugs or the blinds, or not holding my hand near the road!! How do you discipline? Naughty step? My dad told him off for the first time recently, very calmy just said 'Stop it' and he was so upset and stopped immediately but with me or hubby, he couldn't care less!

Is your little one potty trained yet? My DS isn't yet.

Do they still have a bottle? My son has to religiously have a warm bottle of milk before bed or he wont sleep. We have tried the cup but he goes mad until he gets his bottle.

Any advice is helpful!

InDubiousBattle Tue 16-May-17 18:18:32

I've had a 2 year old ds (he's 3.5 now)and have an almost 2 year old dd.

When ds was two he
- slept around 7.30pm till 6-6.30 with a 2 hour nap in the afternoon
- he still had a bottle of warm milk before bed too
- he couldn't really talk at all and we were seeing the SALT (still a are but he's talking a lot now)
-we're only just potty training him now!
-We didn't discipline as such at that age, just distraction and removal.
- At just two he started 2 mornings a week at pre school and we did maybe two other toddler groups a week
- did quite a bit of messy arty stuff. Dd was just 6 months so could sit in a high chair at the table so we did a lot of cooking, painting etc there.

With dd, who is two in July:
-she sleeps 7.30pm-7-7.30am with a 2 hour sleep in the afternoon
- no milk now and hasn't for a while. She totally refused milk in the day at 10-11 months (she was bf then)and her bedtime drink 4 months or so ago. Just not a big milk fan.
- We do lots of arty stuff and go to 2 toddler groups a week.
- not ready for potty training but much nearer then ds was at her age (considering doing them together in a few months)
- discipline, same as ds, removal and distraction.
- she's a much quicker speaker and talking in mini sentences now. Her tantrums are far worse the man ds's ever were!

Caterina99 Tue 16-May-17 19:08:18

My DS is nearly 23 months. Usually sleeps around 7.30pm - 7am, although can vary, and naps for about 2 hours 12.30-2.30 ish. No bottles since 15 months. Cup of warm milk before teeth and bed.

I'm a SAHM but I was working for a short project 2 days a week so he was at nursery those days from Christmas til end of April. Keeping him in 2 mornings which he loves. He does all arty stuff there as it's so not my thing.

We go out every day to playdates or toddler groups or whatever. More for me than him though. He likes running about basically.

Not attempted any kind of potty training yet. Although I am planning on buying one soon so he becomes familiar with it.

Discipline is more about redirecting and distracting, although he does understand no. Just doesn't always comply.

Emma2803 Wed 17-May-17 15:32:54

Ds is almost 26 months.

Sleep 8.30pm to 7am nap 1pm for 2-2.5 hours

Ds doesn't really like paint, he likes playing with sand and splashing in water. I don't really play with him, we read books throw balls or he helps me do wee things round the house, go for walks etc. He plays with wee cars and things himself.

No toddler groups, I work full time and he goes to a childminder with four other toddlers.

Discipline I explain why he can't do something and that if he does it again there will be consequences e.g. don't drive your tractor into the cupboards or mummy will take it off you.
Or if you run about in the shop and don't hold mummy's hand she will make you stay in the trolley.
Not potty trained yet, going to try him in the summer.
No bottles since 13m drinks milk from beaker.

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