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"Mummy put a ladybird up her bum!"

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sweetkitty Wed 14-Mar-07 22:23:06

thats what 2.7yo DD1 told sis-in-law today!

The story (had to share) I got in from food shopping (a trauma in itself with DD1 and 13 mo DD2) and felt my tampon leaking so I grabbed the box I had just bought and ran into the downstairs loo (usually use the upstairs one for this out of the way of the DDs) so DD1 follows me in and I'm v quickly changin tampons so she says "oh theres a pizza in the toilet" then changes in to "mummy you put a ladybird up your bum" .

Of course then SIL comes in and DD1 insists she shows her how she's a big girl and can do a pee pee on her own so SIL comes into the toilet with us and DD1 says "mummy put a ladybird up her bum" which is the funniest thing ever.

Has she been scarred for life now? Bless her.

deaconblue Thu 15-Mar-07 08:23:05


cruisemum1 Thu 15-Mar-07 13:31:13


WestCountryLass Thu 15-Mar-07 14:25:25

Hehehehe, love 'em.

My DS knew I was on my period as he walked in on me in the toilet. The next day my husband took him swimming with his friend and my DS said "Mummy can't come swimming today because she is bleeding from her hairy bottom"

chipmonkey Thu 15-Mar-07 15:38:37

didn't some MNer's dd say, "My Mummy has pink wee and a stick up her bum!"

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