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JoshLymanJr Fri 12-May-17 22:02:30

Lately I feel I've been shouting at DCs, particularly our eldest, far too much. They are at the age where they are fighting over toys and games (eldest is at school, youngest is preschool) and answering back, and I keep losing my temper and shouting for things which I later think were utterly trivial (like spilling a glass of milk or fighting over a toy). Work has been very demanding and I feel constantly tired, but I'm worried that this will affect their behaviour and how they see me.

They aren't badly behaved as a rule, and are lovely, eccentric little folk, but I just keep losing the plot when they act up. I apologise to them for shouting but don't know if that has any effect.

Any advice?

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Sat 13-May-17 16:28:05

If you're constantly tired, are you doing anything to try and recover?

We all shout sometimes so try not to beat yourself up too much. If I ever shout,I try to explain that sometimes adults make mistakes and apologise.

As well as looking after yourself, try saying 10 swear words in your head before you speak to them if you think you're going to shout. Take yourself from the room or if they're not listening, go quieter, not louder.

I've been making an effort to shout less and the children as much calmer.

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