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can't seem to nightwean but clinic say i have to, prolactin 200, help!

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crepust Wed 03-May-17 16:24:42

IVF clinic have told me I have to wean then wait 4 months before they'll treat me. I'm single so hubby putting the baby down is not an option. My child doesn't talk yet so I can't have much of a conversation with them about it. I'm 40 so time is running/run out (child conceived at 37)

I tried the Dr Jay Gordon method last night, after over an hour of screaming I didn't know what to do, so I boobed her, I KNOW you're not meant to but I was worried about traumatising her. She started sleeping at one point but I moved my arm a miniscule amount and we were back to square one.

My prolactin is 200 (normal range is 0-700) and I know there's a facebook group for women who are having ivf and have lied to their doctors as they can't wean their kids (they research the drugs via sources such as the Drugs in Breastmilk Helpline which has a pharmacist who specialises in the issue, that's how they avoid harm to the foetus etc).

I still really want to wean to give myself maximum amount of chance of conceiving and maintaining a pregnancy, but also because the constant interruptions at night when I'm trying to get stuff done is starting to get to me, and she's nipping and going on and off the boob now too!!

I'm going to try and have a look at Pantley's pull-off method but any other suggestions welcome, so upset.

UppityHumpty Wed 03-May-17 22:05:17

I really believe this should be on the parenting thread and not on here. Please request it be moved.

LornaMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 04-May-17 08:27:18

Hi, OP!

We're moving this thread over to parenting now.


Writerwannabe83 Thu 04-May-17 09:06:38

I initially night weaned my son at 10 months and we went cold turkey. It was very difficult as he was used to being fed to sleep and would wake at least twice for feeds overnight too. We used a Controlled Crying approach under the guidance of a Sleep Consultant and within 4 days he was self settling without a feed and sleeping through from 8pm-6am. He was still breast fed about 3-4 times in the day though.

For about 6 months things stayed like this but then his sleep all went to crap and I fell back into the trap of feeding him overnight if he woke, which was probably about 5 nights out of 7.

When DS was 2 and still BF me and DH decided to TTC #2 and although I fell pregnant on cycle 1 I then miscarried at 5ish weeks and then every month thereafter was negative test after negative test. People told me that breast feeding may be the problem but I brushed it aside as DS was only being fed a maximum of three times in 24 hours (usually only twice) and sometimes due to my work shifts he'd go over 48 hours without any feeds.

However, after ten failed cycles of TTC I made the decision to stop breast feeding just in case it was causing problems and I started off by one week cutting out all day time feeds and then the following week I stopped giving him any night time feeds if he woke. He was about 2yrs 9m at this point. On my first full cycle of not breast feeding at all I fell pregnant.

It will be hard OP - maybe you should seek professional advice on how best to do it? My Sleep Soecialist cost me £90 and she was amazing!! By having very set guidelines from her on what to do and how to react to DS's upset made things soooo much easier because I didn't have to doubt myself, I just fixated on my instructions and didn't deviate.

I assume you've got to daytime wean too? Perhaps you should start with this first unless she already is weaned off these feeds?

SquidgersMummy Mon 15-May-17 00:51:18

I really struggled to nightwean my eldest - like you I needed to get back to ivf - I tried the Jay Gordan method for about a week - it was hard really as they can't tell the time or understand etc. In the end I dried myself up. So feed from one boob only. Take Sudofed and eat teaspoons of dried sage (think I read about this on KellyMom). Let one boob engorge. Take ibruprofen. Let it dry out. Express a teeny bit if you need to. Takes 2-3 days. It bloody hurts grin Then do the other boob. My toddler understood things being sore or hurt so I told her my booby was ill. She was careful and really lovely about it. I also offered milk in a bottle during the night. She was less cross about it all. The booby was ill - it wasn't that she was being refused. By the end of the process I didn't really have any milk left and a few comfort sucks didn't bring it back. I also swopped the sucks for DD1 holding my nipple, then over time swopped this to her hand on my boob, then holding hands.....etc. I'm glad I did it. Ivf is hard enough without worrying you are thwarting success. Im addition, when pregnant again after two further ivf cycles I found the feeding aversion impulse (info on LLL etc) really strong - and you'll be sore again - so I couldn't stand DD being anywhere near my nips!! I then started snuggling her into me like spoons so she was facing away. She has gained more from having a sibling than she has lost from weaning. When her sister came she was very jealous about booby milk - she recalled she used to have it - I gave her some expressed milk to try and she thought it was horrible grin She will still touch my boobs if upset or tired - and she is a bit jealous her sister gets them - but it's only brief moments. Good luck flowers

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