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Silent reflux?

(5 Posts)
KittyB52 Sun 30-Apr-17 18:43:38

My 6 week old (bottle fed) daughter is very unsettled and windy, and I wondered if she might have a touch of silent reflux. She rarely burps or throws up, but often sounds like she is about to be sick, then gulps and nothing happens. She also gulps sometimes and then screams. She gets hiccups a lot, has a white tongue and won't sleep lying down during the day for more than half an hour. Occasionally you can hear gurgles and 'whooshes' in her tummy. She is very snuffly and congested sounding, particularly at night. She has screamed on and off all day today. sad

We have tried (not all at the same time) Infacol, Colief (PITA as we use the Perfect Prep machine), gripe water, sitting her upright after every feed, tummy massage, cycling legs, raising cot head. Nothing much seems to help.

I took her to the GP last week who felt her tummy and said it was 'normal' for a baby her age.

Is it worth trying again with (another) GP or is this indeed 'normal' for babies her age?

Thanks in advance.

polkadotdelight Sun 30-Apr-17 21:15:34

The white tongue could be thrush. Is your health visitor any good? Ours was really useful for stuff like this.

Usagii Sun 30-Apr-17 21:22:29

My DS (18w) has silent reflux and had those same symptoms especially the gulping and hiccups, and would only sleep on his tummy around that age (now sleeping on his side) Could you ask for infant gaviscon or ranitidine? White tongue also sounds like thrush perhaps too.

gooseygander88 Sun 30-Apr-17 21:42:31

What bottles does your LO use? DS suffered horribly with wind or what I thought was reflux as was sicky and in pain after feeding. We changed him to Dr Browns bottles and with the combination of comfort formula had a different baby on our hands! Worked instantly (the bottles that is - formula we started before the bottles but 2 weeks to notice change from the formula). Hope your LO can find some comfort soon xx

KittyB52 Sun 30-Apr-17 21:50:37

Health visitor said I'd already done everything she would have suggested and recommended seeing GP, which I did.

We've already used Dr Brown bottles for a few weeks now - they slow down her feeding and she doesn't seem to gulp in as much air. I don't know whether or not to switch formula without seeing GP again.

The GP I saw said that they don't prescribe any medication for babies in this situation, but I think she thought it was just normal wind.

Holding daughter as I type, she's just done another big gulp and grimaced, bless her.

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