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Is it possible to persuade baby to have dummy instead of thumb?

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Nottalotta Sun 30-Apr-17 15:46:32

Ds2 is 11 weeks old and sucks his thumb for naps. I've tried him with a dummy which he will take but can't seem to keep it in, then cries when it comes out. I have a toddler so can't sit by ds2 holding the dummy in. He can find his thumb very easily now, but I'd prefer he took to the dummy instead. I assume he's a way off being able to find it himself!

Has anyone had anysucess in getting the baby to have a dummy instead of the thumb?

Eeeeek2 Sun 30-Apr-17 21:58:13

I gave ds a dummy because he was obsessed with his hands - all 3 scans he was covering his face/sucking thumb and he came out with both hands in front of face OUCH

I wouldn't say way off finding it himself but you can only try. If he finds his thumb after the dummy falls out and settles then I'd carry on trying it.

kel1493 Wed 10-May-17 20:38:07

Why would you prefer he took a dummy? My lb sucked his thumb when he was younger. Then when he was around 7/ 8 months he stopped doing it and hasn't done it since. Mind you he didn't do it much even before.
I refused to give him a dummy as I hate them and think they look awful. Big plastic things shoved in a baby's mouth.

NuffSaidSam Wed 10-May-17 22:48:03

No, and I tried. The thumb won out every time.

They all sucked their thumb for much longer than they would have had a dummy, but there's been no lasting damage. It was much easier at night/when out etc. because we never had to worry about losing the dummy/dropping the dummy etc.

FatLittleWombat Thu 11-May-17 12:49:40

DS2 started off with a dummy but switched to thumb sucking at around 5 months old (he never was a great fan of the dummy though). There was no way of convincing him to have his dummy once he'd discovered his thumb! I do worry about his teeth but tbh it's one less thing to forget or lose when out and about.

RandomMess Thu 11-May-17 12:56:12

I weaned my youngest onto a dummy took a while but we got there.

Weaning off a dummy was far far far easier than weaning off a thumb sucker IME! The dummies can go in the bin, you can't cut a thumb off and for DC3 it was very traumatic giving up her thumb even using socks/tape the works!

SquidgersMummy Mon 15-May-17 00:16:23

Hi, I was really worried about exactly the same issue when dd2 found her thumb at around the same time. I tried a dummy, vests with scratch mits etc etc - in the end though I read some things on the Internet about attachment and self soothing - initially I felt really crappy that DD2 needed her thumb - and then I figured FFS if she needs it why am I stopping her. Life is busier with two. DD2 also had reflux and her thumb really helped. Anyway, she is 10mths now and sucks her thumb when she is tired - BUT (and this is what has urged me to post) what I do notice at all the groups we go to is as she is getting older and more active and mobile her hand is too busy and she sucks thumb way less than all the babies with dummies permanently in their mouths. I also have a friend who is a speech and language therapist - she said thumb suckers take their thumbs out to talk, dummy suckers don't - another positive. Thumbs aren't all that bad smile.

TotoToe Mon 15-May-17 07:37:00

If you can switch to a dummy, then do! My eldest dd is still sucking her thumb at age 13 and with a fixed brace on her teeth hmm.
Dc2 took to a dummy with no problem and it was easy to wean him off it - he has perfect teeth.

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