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Worried about dd who is nearly 7.

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Lushmetender Sun 30-Apr-17 14:10:13

My dd will be 7 next week. She is bright but v strong willed. She used to eat well until about 2 then teething kicked in and she never went back to what used to like like my other kids did. She will only eat certain things and says she's scared of eating. My husband mentioned it to the dr but she Said go to,the health visitor, but I always find they refer you back to the GP. At parents evening the teacher said when they need to work in twos or threes she just stands at the front of the class and doesn't team up with anyone. When she is doingnherbschoolwork, she doesn't want to share how she got to the answer. They said she is v quiet in the classroom yet she seems really outgoing at home. She used to be best friends with a girl but now she doesn't talk about her at all and I'm wondering if she is coping socially. I have sent out invites for a school party and I'm getting a lot of nos. unfortunately I am not the most sociable and I have few friends in the area, I work full time and she doesn't have many play dates. Qi find it hard to get the confidence to invite people over for the kids. WWYD?

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Sun 30-Apr-17 18:39:07

The first thing I'd do is make an appointment with the person responsible for SENCO at her school and her teacher. Ask them how she is coping at school and express your concerns. It does sound like she could benefit from some extra assistance.

As for the party, could there be another reason you are getting a lot of people saying they can't come? Is it in the school holidays?

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