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Potty training - how long until no regular accidents

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boopdoop Sun 30-Apr-17 09:34:13

So we are a week into potty training DS, who is 3.2 years. He's doing really well, more on potty than accidents, etc, so really pleased it's going ok.

However I am finding it hard to be back at a stage when even popping to tescos is a bit stressful, what if he suddenly needs a wee, we won't make it to the toilets, and taking a zillion spare changes of clothes out with us etc.

I know every child is different and it'll take different amounts of time for everyone, but I just wondered how long it took until your kid was reliably ok with just the odd occasional accident.


Cakescakescakes Sun 30-Apr-17 09:43:53

For one of them it took a year... For one it took 3 days. All different smile I used pull
Ups when going out for the first while with DS1 as he was unreliable (he has SN though). Still took him to the toilet etc but there was no stress if he had an accident. Also put an absorbent pad in his car seat in case of accidents eg if he fell asleep in the car. And put your DC in washable shoes in case of a big accident. Crocs are your friend or canvas ones that can be bunged in the machine. Good luck smile

Cakescakescakes Sun 30-Apr-17 09:45:34

Also I used to follow a pattern of toilet before leaving home, toilet when we arrived somewhere, toilet before leaving again and then straight on once we arrived home. Minimises potential for accidents. We had a Potette Plus travel potty although used it mostly as a toilet seat. It was really handy for first couple of months.

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