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3 week old baby, arm never in sleeve

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Lotsofqueries Sat 29-Apr-17 04:02:59

I dress baby, putting her arms and legs in the sleepsuit. Minutes later the same arm is always out and in the main bit of the suit against her body (well the vest underneath). So I put it back in the sleeve. After a sleep, it's back out the sleeve again. All the time. Is this a bit odd? Or just a wriggler?

Lotsofqueries Sat 29-Apr-17 04:03:25

Always the same arm.

OldGuard Sat 29-Apr-17 04:07:12

Sounds like a wriggler to me - maybe the next Houdini ? :-)

hungrywalrus Sat 29-Apr-17 04:15:18

Maybe the sleepsuit is still a little loose. For what it's worth, my little chap does this with his legs. I'll unzip him from his sleeping bag and two delicious sausage legs are wriggling and kicking and he's smiling like a loon grin

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