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Larger travel cots

(3 Posts)
Mooloolabasmummy Wed 26-Apr-17 09:57:54

Hi, I have the nuna sena travel cot which has been brilliant. My 21 month old is nearly touching the top and bottom when we put her in it, we visit family every three weeks or so need something. She isn't ready for us to put her in a bed as her cot arrangement at home works very well (currently!) so I'm looking for perhaps recommendations on a longer than normal travel cot. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you.

moggle Wed 26-Apr-17 13:29:14

We have a Hauck travel cot which is the same size as DD's bedroom cot (120cm x 60cm) and I've not seen any bigger than this. She is 86cm tall (short for her age, 2y6m) so still has plenty of room, although now we have taken the side off her cot at home last week I'm not sure she'll stand for going in the travel cot again! Looking at the growth charts DD will be 100cm by the time she is 4 years old so we're planning on her staying in there for a while yet as we can't fit anything bigger in her room and don't have the money to redecorate the spare room for her yet.

I've just seen the nuna is 105 x 75 cm .. I'm not sure I'd bother buying another one myself just for the extra 15cm of length (though the Hauck ones can be got very cheap, and they do slow down their growth as they get older - check the charts)... Does your DD seem restricted, does she sleep flat out? My DD always sleeps quite curled up, in the travel cot she would usually fall asleep with her head mooshed right into the mesh so the extra room was mostly pointless!

kel1493 Wed 26-Apr-17 14:01:14

We have a graco contour Electra one. It seems quite big

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