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After moses basket

(4 Posts)
Vics100pink Wed 26-Apr-17 05:12:24

What did you put your baby in to sleep cot wise or anything and was it with you

DoubleCarrick Wed 26-Apr-17 05:13:31

I scored a crib for £5 off eBay. He sleeps in it at the foot of the bed

Orangedaisy Wed 26-Apr-17 06:05:51

Skipped Moses basket altogether. DD is in sleepyhead in a mini cot (from mamas and papas) with side off next to our bed.

spacefrog35 Wed 26-Apr-17 06:20:48

We had a crib upstairs next to our bed and a Moses basket downstairs. When she grew out of the Moses basket we started putting her into the crib upstairs with the monitor on.

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