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Toddler acting up because of new baby

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CleanerBlues Wed 19-Apr-17 16:18:34

Our lovely 3 year old has become a jekyll and hyde tyrant since the new baby arrived 2 months ago. He was never one for tantrums until now and has always been quiet and very well behaved so we are at a loss how to deal with it. It's probably partly down to turning 3 but I reckon it's more to do with the newborn (who he loves to bits and shows no ill will towards at all). He is just so defiant about everything and goes out of the way to do the opposite of what you ask. He has also been fighting more with his 2 year old brother, who he normally loves.

We have tried reassuring him, pleading with him, punishing him (with time outs), nothing has worked. A reward chart gave us a few good days but then back to square 1 again. Dh and I take turns bringing him out for 1 on 1 time and he's great but then as soon as we get home, he's worse than ever. The thing is, he's such a placid softie that when we chastise him he gets really upset and it's hard to watch. Sometimes I feel like I spend the whole day giving out to him, which makes me feel awful so I can only imagine how it makes him feel sad This combined with toilet training regression, a 2 year old sibling and a breastfeeding newborn has me near the end of my tether some days. How can I help him adjust?

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