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4 year old with very sensitive/dry/eczema-y skin

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oliversmummy26 Wed 19-Apr-17 10:48:21

Hi all,

my DS will be 5 in June and has always had very sensitive skin, he only has baths/showers every other day to avoid drying his skin out and we usually use the Sanex Zero bubble bath and E45 when his skin feels dry.

When he was younger, around 18-24 months he had dreadful eczema, we ended up using steroid creams from the GP which cleared it up.

Anyway, he was with his Dad last week for part of the Easter holidays and has come back with terrible skin. Red blotchy patches which are dry and itchy, and since going back to school this week he's developed tiny red spots in most of the places it's sore. It's all over his arms, legs and bum, so basically where he's been sitting in the bath. I'm fuming! They were staying at Grandma's and he said she'd been using perfume bubbles because that's all she had - they all know how sensitive his skin is! I will obviously be speaking to his dad about it, but in the meantime...

Just wondered if anyone has children with similar conditions and what they've been using. I've been slapping the E45 on morning and evening, and used the itch relief cream for the last day or so. He had an oatmeal and oilatum bath last night which he loved, said it felt lovely.

I've also just got some baby aveeno which I'm going to try. I want to avoid steroid creams if possible, as I know they work, but it does tend to just come straight back.

Any recommendations would be great. I'm 19 weeks pregnant now and want to avoid at all costs having the same problem with this baby. I put most of it down to using Johnsons bubbles and creams when he was a baby, as I think they are terrible and really didn't help with his skin. A GP once told me to not use any Johnsons products nor sudacrem!

So I'm hoping the baby aveeno will work, as I think then I'd like to try that for this baby. I've used aveeno myself (also suffer from eczema and dry skin) and although very expensive, it's fab stuff and really seems to work. I think the oatmeal is possibly the way to go..

Nan0second Wed 19-Apr-17 10:51:38

Oilatum in the bath then get him to stand up and slather hydromol ointment all over it. Rinse but don't acticiely try to remove it. It is amazing for dry skin but will make the bath a slidey death trap!
You may need some steroids to get back on top of it. We also use hydromol after swimming in local pool as that really aggravates DDs eczema

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