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Unsupportive partner

(2 Posts)
Stephg90 Tue 18-Apr-17 07:27:30

So mad at my OH right now. He works 4 on 4 off shifts, I totally understand that when he's in work he can't help out with our 6 week old baby. But when he's off and I have told him how stressed I am and tired is it just me that thinks if two of us made the baby two of us should look after it?! He did the early morning feed yesterday morning so I could 'lie in' and then this morning he has just announced he needs a lie in now and gone to other room sleeping. What the hell. I needed that lie in because I do every night feed!!!!!!!!!!!! And haven't slept in weeks. He doesn't get it. I feel like walking out the door. And I also now feel guilty that I am SO ANGRY I feel like I can't give LO the attention he needs. Sorry for the rant but need to put it out there. How is this fair?!??

user1487854472 Tue 18-Apr-17 18:18:57

It's not! Tell him he needs to step up!

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