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Do the school hols make anyone else feel like a complete failure as a parent?

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yallamamma Mon 17-Apr-17 06:32:18

I'm on day 2... I've lost it more times than I care to remember.

bigchris Mon 17-Apr-17 06:38:41

In my experience the first few days are the hardest when everyone gets used to just chilling again and not demanding drinks, snacks, fun expensive activities every five minutes

yallamamma Mon 17-Apr-17 06:47:55

Mine are only little, the nursery has Easter break... I just feel so useless that I can't physically or emotionally cope with them both (3.5yrs and 16mo)

JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 17-Apr-17 15:07:40

I always find the first few days the most challenging too. We are at the end of a two week break so just chilling this afternoon then it's back to the old routine tomorrow.

BellaGoth Mon 17-Apr-17 15:11:21

I've really struggled. DS is usually in nursery but a combination of illness and the easter break has meant he's been off for almost 2 weeks. I also have 8 MO DD who doesn't sleep at the best of times, but also has an ear infection.

I am tired and grumpy and not a good parent right now.sad

JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 17-Apr-17 15:34:50

Bella two poorly babies. You have my deepest sympathy brew

When is DC1 back in nursery?

Kitsandkids Mon 17-Apr-17 16:53:35

I feel crap if we don't go somewhere every day, but I don't want to go somewhere every day! I'm nearly 30 weeks pregnant and sometimes I just want to chill in the house. My 8 year old just has a way of making me feel really guilty if I say we're staying in!

When I was 8 I could spend hours with toys or writing stories or just making up games in my head. He doesn't seem to be able to do much that isn't screen based.

We were out yesterday and we'll be out tomorrow but I still feel crap that we've done nothing today. My mood today is also not helped by the fact that my husband had the option of not going to work today but chose to go in anyway - leaving me with a hyper dog and 2 kids even after I asked him to please stay at home with us. And I know the dog would be less hyper if I took them all out but the kids would want to be on bikes or scooters and the dog cries and barks when they go too far ahead and I just can't stand that at the moment!!

BellaGoth Mon 17-Apr-17 20:50:57

Jilted he's back tomorrow. He only does 3 mornings a week though (and one of them is Monday, which he's obviously missed this week) so not much time to catch up before he's back again! He's a bit of a whirlwind. Currently being assessed for Autism (or something. They keep changing their minds) which does make me feel slightly less crap!

Kits 30 weeks pregnant is HARD WORK. Take it easy, even if your 8 year old doesn't like it! I didn't and ended up with a prem baby (only slightly, and no issues because of it, but still...)

Dozer Mon 17-Apr-17 20:52:55

Your DC are tiny: looking after tiny DC all day long can be crummy, whatever you do or don't do.

Much easier IME when they're bigger!

JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 17-Apr-17 21:00:22

It is much easier when they're older. DC1 seems to have had a mega Easter gaming session. Barely seen him today.

CharleyDavidson Mon 17-Apr-17 21:09:39

I'm just feeling bored!

My DC are older now and the days of dragging them out to the park/zoo/cinema/soft play etc are mostly behind us although we usually do a few things together each week, especially as I'm a teacher so it's my time off too. It's a lot easier (if they aren't winding each other up) but not quite so much fun.

However, DD1 has GCSEs so we've made a concerted effort to do a few little things, but also to allow her plenty of time to be at home each day to revise.

I've read a lot of books...and watched a few box sets.

BellaGoth Mon 17-Apr-17 21:55:49

Yes OP, when I have a really bad day I imagine them as teenagers, up in their bedrooms all day on their iBoxes (or whatever they are) and all I have to do is chuck food at them occasionally. I can't wait! I'm already planning a trip to central America with a friend for 2030...

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