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Toddler hair cuts...

(6 Posts)
QuizTeamaAguilera Sun 16-Apr-17 10:49:12

DS is 2.8, and has hated having his hair cut the last two times we have been. Screaming, sobbing, but immediately fine at the end when he's given a balloon. Before this, he was completely ok with it, he just used to sit and let them get on with it. We go to a child's hair place, so they're used to dealing with wriggly toddlers, but he's not interested in any of their distractions (sitting in the car chairs, watching the tablets etc).

It was last cut (with quiet clippers) in December and is now growing over his ears, and is almost in his eyes. Has anyone any techniques to help calm him down, or recommendations for quiet clippers I can perhaps buy/use myself? Or shall I just leave it?

Scentofwater Sun 16-Apr-17 10:57:14

I don't have much experience of toddler haircuts, but have done a fair bit of clipper cutting. Could the clippers be a bit blunt and be pulling his hair? Or the hairdressers not using them properly so they tug? Or could he be hearing a high frequency sound from it that's upsetting him?

I know using scissors takes longer and is trickier with a wriggly child but maybe try asking them to give him a trim with scissors rather than clippers? If he finds it doesn't hurt any more maybe he will sit better?

QuizTeamaAguilera Sun 16-Apr-17 11:02:14

He's had problems with his ears (lots of infections) so it could be that he just doesn't like people fussing round his he was getting so upset with scissors they suggested clippers as it was so much quicker, but he didn't like them either.

He used to act the same way about having his feet measured - but that suddenly stopped and he loves it now, part of me things I should just take him and get it over with in case he's actually fine at the hairdressers, but part of me things I'd be being mean in case he gets so upset again!

archersfan22 Sun 16-Apr-17 16:52:00

I normally try to avoid using food as bribery but in this case I think it might be useful if he's into sweets/chocolate - maybe get them to do a short amount using a timer on your phone, and he gets a chocolate button at the end of each 1 minute?
This worked well for the flu nasal spray for my toddler ('you let the nurse give you the medicine in your nose and you can have a chocolate button').

brilliantbeing Wed 20-Sep-17 13:01:30

Keen to get recommendations for quiet low vibration clippers for long-haired 6 month old and toddler! Thanks :-)

IamChipmunk Wed 20-Sep-17 21:13:23

We had similar. We switched to clippers as scissors were taking too long and making things worse.
I used high reward bribery (buttons or Haribo) and a toy after. Also just asking the hairdresser to just keep going as best they could despite any carry on.

He is fine now (3 yrs been having it cut since 6m) and can manage without bribery!!

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