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Days out - age gaps

(8 Posts)
helpxxx Sun 16-Apr-17 10:18:16


Just wondering if any one has any ideas for days out as a family for us, I have a ds who is 12, and two dds aged 6 and 0.

Not so much for the baby as doesn't care where she is yet but for the other two. They are obviously interested in different things due to the ages and gender and I often end up taking them out separately or we will do two days (one appropriate for each) but the other moans the whole time.

Any suggestions welcome.

JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 17-Apr-17 15:11:50

What do you do when they moan?

MrsJayy Mon 17-Apr-17 15:15:04

What kind of things do they like? I never really found days out that much of a problem i have similar age gaps any whinging resulted in going home not even joking they were marched home

user1490817136 Mon 17-Apr-17 15:15:51

Mine have a similar gap. The best things I found to do were bowling and a burger or the occasional cinema trip to see something they both liked. It is tough though.

JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 17-Apr-17 15:44:18

Must admit I've never had much of a problem but my age gap is smaller. What sort of day trips are you doing and how often?

LiveLifeWithPassion Mon 17-Apr-17 15:51:31

Days out to a different town. Mine enjoyed London, Brighton and Oxford recently. Car and train.
Nt places and castles.

changename7 Mon 17-Apr-17 15:54:04

The beach, Sea Life Centre, London Eye, Zoo, kids theme park (Gulliver's Land), Castle.

changename7 Mon 17-Apr-17 15:55:06

Also, swimming, bowling, Ice Skating (obviously for the older 2 and not the baby).

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