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Two under two!

(8 Posts)
Mummy247D Wed 12-Apr-17 12:37:24

So I'm sue my second baby end of Aug and my dad will be 15 months when his little brother will arrive. So I'm constantly hearing people say how hard it will be etc etc! I am not naive and I know it won't be easy but that doesn't mean it won't be very rewarding also 😊 I am feeling slightly nervous though as my ds hasn't been and still isn't the easiest (suffers reflux and is on prescription milk) he is such a lovely little boy and I cannot wait to have double the love!
Anyway sorry to babble on but I'd love to hear people's positive experiences with a similar age gap and when did it start to get easier? Also any tips would also be welcome.
Thank you! X

Mummy247D Wed 12-Apr-17 12:38:02

Damn predictive messages! Due end of Aug and my ds not dad!! 😂

YoginiBump Thu 13-Apr-17 18:23:31

Hi, I had 2 under 2 with a 20 month gap. My son, now 3 and my daughter, now 16 months. It's honestly fine. I found the last bit of pregnancy with a toddler the hardest! I talked about 'baby' a lot when pregnant and read stories about her and asked him lots of questions. When she arrived she 'bought' him a present in hospital! He loved her. Advice, hmmm, get a cleaner or mother's help for first few weeks. Feel good, you've just produced another little human! Rest, relax when you can and 6 months in gets a whole load easier! Spoil DS1 when you can and maintain one-on-one time with him everyday so he doesn't feel jealous! Also talk to him about the baby in a way he can understand, 'she's very noisy isn't she, do you think she wants some milk?' Sort of thing. Good luck! x

Msqueen33 Thu 13-Apr-17 18:28:16

I have 13 months between my older two. The youngest has autism so it was extra challenging. It could be hard at times but it's gotten much easier as they've gotten older.

TheEagle Thu 13-Apr-17 18:33:32

I have 18.5 months between DS1 and DTs.

The end of pregnancy with DTs was harder than anything that came after.

The first year was a bit of a blur; nappies, tears, sleeplessness! But we muddled through. DTs are 2 now and oldest is 3.5. Things are definitely easier and I often see flashes of the friends they are going to be.

Lower your expectations as regards housework, prep loads of meals in advance, if you achieve the holy grail of both napping at once then sit down/lie down/sleep if you can.

Stock up on good coffee and nice cake and never say no to the offer of an extra pair of hands to help out.

I spent a lot of my second pregnancy worrying unnecessarily. I found strengths and depths I didn't know I had!

Best of luck flowers

DarkestBeforeDawn Thu 13-Apr-17 19:43:15

My twins were coming up to their second birthday when I had my third. It is hard yes but I think if you can, get yourself out once a day to have a change of scenery/fresh air, and establish a routine once possible (I.e once baby old enough). Take help if it's on offer and just enjoy it. Seeing the love siblings have for one another is so wonderful - and i ended up with four under four so it can't have been too bad!!

yolorolo Thu 13-Apr-17 20:02:48

12 month gap here, dd arrived when ds was 12months. We moved house three weeks prior to this. It was stressful I won't fib. The first year was chaotic but that was due more to house renovations than the kids and dh working away during the week. It was tiring but also a lot of fun. Ds is now 2.5 and dd 18mths they are very close and play together a lot and get up to a lot of mischief. Don't put yourself under any pressure and, enjoy, grab whatever rest or help you can even 5mins at baby groups. You will have tough days but as long as everyone is fed, warm, clean dry and cuddled don't worry. It can't have been bad for me as I am pregnant with dc3 and will have 3 under 3! Good luck and enjoy it!

Mummy247D Thu 13-Apr-17 21:15:21

Ah thanks ladies! It's nice to hear some positive stories. I am just worrying for nothing and worrying doesn't help anyone! X

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