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Aibu dental floss dilemma!

(9 Posts)
Snowlion84 Wed 12-Apr-17 11:54:23

Really cross about this, need a sane outside perspective! am v sleep deprived this morning so could be overreacting and being unreasonable...

My Dh has a really bad habit of leaving used dental floss and used contact lenses all over the place ( on radiators, bedside table, floor etc.) and never putting them in bin. I always have to do it for him. Totally gross imo, especially if I tread on a soggy contact lens or have to pick a dry one off the table. have asked him not to do this on so many occasions.

This morning he left used dental floss draped over the back of the loo. I put in loo and told him about it. Was about to flush, when he marched in and said he'd left it there deliberately so he could put it in bin later as not good to flush it (when was he going to do it?! Bin is just in next room) then made me remove said floss from toilet with hand and put on bathroom floor so he would put in bin later. Am so p***ed off that he thinks it's ok to tell me to do that but won't have courtesy of putting it in the flipping bin when he already knows how much I hate it! Yuk!

Ok I know it's just a small thing and I'm probably overreacting but ARGHHHH!

Rant over, feeling bit Better now.

What are the really annoying minor things that your OH does that drive you mad?

dementedpixie Wed 12-Apr-17 19:28:03

Have a bin in the bathroom? And yes you shouldn't flush it

QuestionableMouse Wed 12-Apr-17 19:29:35

Bin in the bathroom.

If he kept doing it I'd gather all the crap up and out it on his pillow.

DameFanny Wed 12-Apr-17 19:31:07

That's not a minor thing though - he made you fish in the loo for his used floss and put it on the floor because he wasn't even going to put it straight in the bin.

Is he crazy or stupid? Why didn't he just bin it when he first left the room? And why are you going along with it?

TitaniasCloset Wed 12-Apr-17 19:32:26

Why did you take it out of the loo? Tell him to fuck off. Does he think you are the housework fairy who just comes along and magics away all the random bits of crap he leaves laying around?

arbrighton Wed 12-Apr-17 21:20:09

Why is this in parenting?

And FFS don't flush it. Where do you think it goes?

ShiroiKoibito Wed 12-Apr-17 21:24:07

he made you fish in the loo for his used floss

How did he make you

Mooey89 Wed 12-Apr-17 21:27:53

This is the exact same kind of bullying shit my ex used to do and was part of a wider pattern of abusivr behaviours.

Making you fish in the loo for it, making you pick up his shit, leaving it on the floor?
In what other ways does he bully you?

StarryIllusion Wed 12-Apr-17 21:41:32

He made you fish it out of the loo? I'd fucking garrotte him with it. Seriously though don't flush it, it isn't flushable.

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