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2 week old BFs constantly!! Need advice

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Grace1980 Tue 11-Apr-17 10:06:50

I have a 12 day old, born 9lb 1oz - so a big baby! I also have 2 other kids, 5 and 3. I know I should remember this stage of constant eating but I don't think my others were quite as non stop as this.

My LO eats practically all day. She's a cat-napper and only seems to want to sleep on me unless she falls into a very deep sleep on me and then I can put her down.

The issue is, I have 2 other kids who need me. My husband will finish paternity soon and then I just can't be tied to feeding a baby for hours at a time.

I tried a little formula top up last night which actually seemed to make the night even worse! She woke almost every hour, whereas she normally goes 2.

I don't know what advice I'm hoping for - maybe just reassurance or someone who has been in a similar position. I'm considering moving to bottles purely so I can hand over some feeds to my husband and maybe get a bit more sleep sad I love breastfeeding but do wonder if she needs more milk than I have. I've never felt this before, my other 2 were exclusively BF for minimum 6 months so I do have some experience.


icclemunchy Tue 11-Apr-17 10:08:17

It's pretty normal. Is she gaining weight and having wet and dirty nappies? That's your best indication if she's getting "enough" are you having any pain or anything like that?

AssassinatedBeauty Tue 11-Apr-17 10:18:38

Do you have a sling? I found one helpful in the early days when they just want to be held all the time.

flapjackfairy Tue 11-Apr-17 10:19:03

Totally normal at 2 to 3 weeks as they have massive growth spurt.
Hang in there should settle in next week or so and then how easy is bf compared to bottle? All 3 of mine did this at that age !

RicottaPancakes Tue 11-Apr-17 10:24:53

Yes, normal. Try a sling smile

NameChange30 Tue 11-Apr-17 10:31:03

I had exactly the same problem and got some great advice on my thread:

I really urge you to get her checked for tongue tie - it can often go unnoticed and undiagnosed, and midwives and health visitors are often not trained or experienced in it, so make sure you get a lactation consultant to check. You could see if there are any near you who do drop-in sessions. I was lucky to get DS's tongue tie diagnosed by an experienced breastfeeding counsellor at a breastfeeding drop-in session.

Grace1980 Tue 11-Apr-17 10:42:19

Thanks all. I know deep down its normal. I just am panicking a bit about DH going back to work. She is gaining but is being checked by midwives regularly as not back to birthweight yet. She's just under what they expect / hope for? I'm wondering about tongue tie....will get that checked. I do have slings from the last 2 so will get those out when I need to be up and about more.

Thanks all smile

Twixes Tue 11-Apr-17 11:17:40

Hang in there. The early weeks are so hard. Hopefully if she is tongued tied that'll help things to settle down.

I'm 26 weeks pg at the moment...dreading those first few-non-stop-feeding days flowers

Grace1980 Tue 11-Apr-17 11:46:11

Thanks twixes, she has been feeding all morning as well as hourly through the night confused i think I feel worse because I miss being mummy to my other 2 girls!

One day at a time....things could all change tomorrow!!! smile

NameChange30 Tue 11-Apr-17 11:58:43

I think it's normal for them to feed a lot but not CONSTANTLY. If she is also struggling to put on weight despite the constant feeding I think tongue tie is likely.

Would you consider using an app to track the breastfeeding? I've been using one and it is helpful to be able to put a number on it. DS was feeding for 7 or 8 hours in every 24 hours (occasionally even 9 or 10) but since his tongue tie got divided it's gone down to about 5 or 6 hours.

ceceliajames Tue 11-Apr-17 14:22:21

Echo what everyone else said - get a sling, check she's having plenty of wet nappies. Hopefully you're other two kids are at an age where they could play together so you've got the time to feed? I remember the first few weeks feeding for an hour every other hour breastfeeding. Should be better soon!

terrylene Tue 11-Apr-17 14:30:25

Don't know if it is any help, but when I bf twins, I found that they wanted to feed more in the evening, which is when your supply (and you) flags.

I found it best to arrange my day so that I sat down at about 6.30pm and rested, and fed (and ate and drank myself) so that they would be stuffed and go through the night. DH took over with the toddler.
This also helps to keep your supply up and going optimally

Give yourself a set time, eg 1 month, where you arrange everything to be as easy on yourself as possible (eg online shops and a cleaner, temporary minder or friend to take children to school/nursery). Then see how you are getting on, and change it if it doesn't work for you.

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