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3 week old with sniffles- when to worry?

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HughLauriesStubble Mon 10-Apr-17 17:33:14

Posting here for traffic as I haven't had any replies in the children's health forum. My 3 week old daughter has caught a cold from my older toddler. It's fairly mild at the moment- occasional sneezing and her nose is a tiny bit runny/snuffly. She is also bringing some mucus when she spews after feeding. Her temperature is going between 36.6 and 37.3. Breastfeeding more than normal and a little sleepy but when she's awake, she's alert. What do I need to watch out for and at what point do I need to call the doctor? My gp has closed for the day, my local ooh isn't open until later in the evening and I don't live in the uk so we don't have a 111 service.

JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 10-Apr-17 19:24:19

I don't think you need to worry at the moment. If her breathing gets rough or if her temperature goes up further I'd speak to the dr but st the moment she sounds ok smile

Littlelegs19 Thu 13-Apr-17 01:46:55

Have you tried saline drops for your LO? You just put a couple of drops in babies nose and it really helps clear them. Putting them in the bathroom when your showering can can help as well.

My DS has a cold that's gone on for over a month now. Started as a slightly running nose then got a little bit of a cough. Took him to the doctors after about 3 weeks when we thought he had a rattle on his chest but thankfully turned out to be mucus. I took him back yesterday-after another 2 weeks as his nose was constantly running, hacking cough, not sleeping, barely eating (went from 30oz a day to barely 16) and now conjunctivitis. He was prescribed antibiotics.

It's perfectly normal for babies to have a cold then get another and another as their immune system is building itself up. I wouldn't worry about your LO, she is still eating, sleeping. My doctors said they worry when it goes on longer than 6 weeks and when they stop producing enough wet nappies.

Hope she feels better soon

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