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Really sore nappy rash caused by candida (baby thrush) - how to deal with

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milkyman Sat 08-Apr-17 19:57:59

Nearly one year old is teething, has been doing loads of runny poos which has caused thrush and the reddest, shiniest bottom i've ever seen. Gp has perscibed anti-fungal cream but bum really sore. Have tried lots of nappy changes, letting air get to it, metanium, sudacrem etc...

Believeitornot Sat 08-Apr-17 21:49:54

No bubble baths at all

One drop of tea tree oil in the bath

No wet wipes, just plain flannels and water

A1Sharon Sun 09-Apr-17 17:18:41

Sorry, just to counter that, Metanium and Sudocreme etc are barrier creams, designed to resist water (pee). If you use water or wipes to remove the cream it will tear the skin more.
Pat/air dry his bottom. Apply the thrush cream. Then apply the Metanium or Sudocreme, liberally.
Do not remove the cream unless he does a poo. This is very important. Leave it all there for as long as possible. The creams act as a barrier to the wee, and they will heal his skin if left on. Just remove wet nappy, and if enough cream still on put on new nappy, or top up with a bit more cream if needed, on top of the old cream.
When he does do a poo, or if he is going to bed for example, use Baby Oil on cotton wool to remove the creams. It will just slide off no tearing. Oil is the only thing that will remove the creams without damaging the skin.
Then start the process again, dry bum etc...
I'm a nurse and this is what we use for severe nappy rash on adults.As per the tissue viability nurse.

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