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Sensory issues in 10yo DS

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Leicesterpiggott Sat 08-Apr-17 07:50:47

I'm worried about my DS. He has sensory issues around clothes and shoes. He won't wear things with zips or buttons or labels. He will only wear wellies or crocs with no socks. He cries and screams if I try and make him. He's difficult with friends too and is very shy at school. He hits me and his little brother if he doesn't get his own way. I'm worried about my 7yo too. He screams a lot and repeats actions and doesn't like big groups, often crying when friends don't want to do what he wants. It's Aspergers for both of them isn't it. I think I know deep down but haven't admitted it before. School haven't mentioned anything. Should I say something?

JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 08-Apr-17 10:51:51

Yes please do speak to school. Make an appointment to speak to the person responsible for SENCO and ask how the child is in school and what they can help with.

differentnameforthis Sat 08-Apr-17 11:50:00

My dd is a little younger than your son, and she has these issues too. We have an ASD assessment booked for her in May. It does sound very much like it. No one at any educational/child care organisation has picked it up for her until now. It was actually a friend and my own research that told me what I know now. Her teacher this year mentioned it to me and suggested getting her assessed before I had a chance to tell her that I had done so. She sees many "behaviours" that tally with ASD, because she knows what she is looking for. Believe it or not, not many teachers know the sighs sad

This will be very confronting for you, and you will grieve, for want of a better word.

When you are ready this is a great page as are his books.

Good luck. flowers

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