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12 day old not poo'd in 24 hours

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Toobloodytired Sat 08-Apr-17 01:31:44

Anyone up who can give some advice??

My baby has been poo'ing quite frequently since born, however the last 24 hours he hasn't poo'd once!

The only thing that's changed is the fact he's been having more milk (formula fed).

Please help!

AssassinatedBeauty Sat 08-Apr-17 01:37:56

It can be totally normal. Is your baby otherwise showing no distress or discomfort? If they seem their normal self then try not to worry. I'm sure you'll get a result soon.

Toobloodytired Sat 08-Apr-17 01:39:56

He suffers badly with wind.

I can't bloody get it up after a bottle, however he is currently sleeping but does seem a little less settled than usual.

I'm worried it'll get to the screaming stage before anything does eventually happen sad

SofiaAmes Sat 08-Apr-17 01:40:27

My dd who was exclusively bf only poo'd once a week or so. If they are exclusively bf then it's just their system and not constipation. Of course you should double check with a doctor, but if they say it's fine....just enjoy all the money you will save on nappies.

SofiaAmes Sat 08-Apr-17 01:41:40

I just say your crosspost...dd did suffer from hidden reflux and wind and in the end the only comfortable sleeping position for her was on her tummy (we do not have any other risk factors for sids in our house).

AssassinatedBeauty Sat 08-Apr-17 01:43:46

It doesn't have to result in screaming. If it's just a longer gap between movements then it might not cause too much upset. Although at that age it sometimes seems like everything about their digestion can be uncomfortable for them. They are still getting used to digesting milk and their systems are still developing.

When you say he suffers from wind, what are the symptoms?

avamiah Sat 08-Apr-17 01:46:57

Sounds like he may be a little constipated, but he will soon let you know if he is in pain so don't worry too much.
I used to give my daughter a tiny bit of water( boiled first then left to cool) and she was fine .
Ask the nurse at your GP surgery or when she visits next .
Don't worry too much .

avamiah Sat 08-Apr-17 01:54:39

Also it may be the formula isn't agreeing with him.

Toobloodytired Sat 08-Apr-17 02:36:02

I'm changing his formula as he gets wind, throws up, the bloody lot.

I use SMA only because that was what me & my 5 siblings were fed.

He doesn't bring his wind up, it takes a good half hour or so to get the tiniest burp out of him.

I've started using infacol to see if that'll help.

My mum has just managed to help him go, rubbed his stomach for a while, he did strain & it was hardish, not completely but not his usual.

He's settled now as he's been quite a bit, so hopefully with a bit water later, I can get him back to how he was.

I can cope with a child crying because they can't have sweets but I can't cope with a baby crying because they are uncomfortable

avamiah Sat 08-Apr-17 02:51:51

I think that's a good move to change the formula .

Toobloodytired Sat 08-Apr-17 05:45:00

He was breastfed but I wasn't expressing enough, he also needed much more milk to flush his system so that's the only reason he gets formula.

FartnissEverbeans Mon 10-Apr-17 16:13:25

I've read a few people on Mumsnet complaining about similar issues with SMA.

24 hours isn't that long - my paediatrician said three times a week is normal for ff babies. DS goes through phases - at one point he was pooing at every feed (!), other times he'll go a day or two with nothing.

He does get constipated at times. I switched to comfort milk and it worked an absolute treat. I recently gave him regular Aptamil for a day when we were flying (easier to take those little ready made bottles) and he was a bit stuffed up again immediately afterwards.

ispymincepie Mon 10-Apr-17 16:22:05

We switched to NannyCare goats milk formula and it's amazing. You can get it in Sainsbury's or Waitrose. What makes you think you weren't getting enough breast milk?

llhj Mon 10-Apr-17 16:29:42

I don't think a 12 day old baby needs water. That could be dangerous.

Isadora2007 Mon 10-Apr-17 16:33:13

If he is 12 days old and you were Bfing was there a reason you were expressing too? Not being able to express doesn't mean you're not producing enough milk at all- especially in the early days.
Could you restart breastfeeding? BF babies don't get constipated generally and don't need water etc either. So that might be more reassuring.

Megatherium Mon 10-Apr-17 16:38:47

I wouldn't obsess that much about winding him. If the wind needs to come up, it will.

Glittter Mon 10-Apr-17 16:40:04

If he was bf I wouldn't be concerned as bf babies frequently don't poo for days. But do you think the formula is maybe not agreeing with him,it is much harder for them to digest than bm.

Why were you expressing? Do you want to bf? It's not too late if you do-babies that age can spend hours and hours bf,it's not just food, it's comfort too.

PotteringAlong Mon 10-Apr-17 16:42:46

Glad he's been but don't give your 12 day old baby water!

Christmasbaby16 Fri 14-Apr-17 21:24:23

Take him off SMA, that's a starting point.
Try a gentle massage of his tummy and massage in a circular motion clockwise.
My baby used to go up to 5 days, then go. He didn't ever struggle and its just how he is, I'm the same blush
If he is throwing up a lot speak to your GP. Try keeping him upright for 20 mins after each feed to prevent him bringing anything back up (I have a baby with silent refluxso have to do this, not ideal but worth it!)

summerfling Fri 14-Apr-17 23:23:10

Can someone tell me the symptoms of silent reflux??

summerfling Fri 14-Apr-17 23:24:21

I stopped breastfeeding & expressed solely because he had jaundice & wouldn't latch on, I needed to flush him through to get his levels down

CelticPromise Sat 15-Apr-17 09:54:55

Definitely don't give water to such a young baby. It's not too late to go back to bf- of that's what you want of course. I'd go to a bf support group if that's something you're interested in. If he's been now maybe he was just adjusting to the new milk.

CelticPromise Sat 15-Apr-17 09:56:50

Glitter it's not normal for such a young bf baby, only after about six weeks.

summerfling Sat 15-Apr-17 09:58:18

I can't go back to breastfeeding, he feeds every hour in formula as it is, bf'ing I will never get any sleep.

Mrsknackered Sat 15-Apr-17 09:58:56

I've also heard of similar issues with SMA. DS2 only poos every few days but has been like that from birth.
He is combination fed now at 4 and a half months.
It is now a week they can go without pooing before midwives/GPS are concerned.
Perhaps try change formula, but don't be disheartened by not getting very much expressing, a breast pump no matter how good is not as good at extracting the milk as the actual baby is.

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