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What am I? A human Towel? kleenex ? trash bin? taxi?

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SerenityMom Sat 08-Apr-17 00:30:14

I wrote this list ( with kids calling out more names) when I spent the day running around doing 100 different things for my many kids ( 6). feel free to add to the list ( and I wrote this for me but Mom is easily replaced with dad, granddad, grandmom etc)

Mom is a Blanket,

a kleenex
a trash bin
a towel,
a menu
a taxi
a chef
a waitress
a clock
a backpack
a counsellor
a drill sergeant
a lost and found
a baby wipe
a food processor
a cleaner
a maid
a travel agent
a party planner
a shoulder
a pillow
a bouncy castle
a bank
a hotel
a truth teller
a fortune teller
a diplomat
a coach
a spy
a security guard
a candy dish

Mom is an endless supply of love and patience, except when she is not. But she never quits tryinguntil she falls into bed for her last job of the day, dream catcher.

SerenityMom Sat 08-Apr-17 18:29:16

forgot to add nurse and dietitian

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