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Oral thrush- sterilising toys and clothes

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Cottagecosy Thu 06-Apr-17 08:48:08

Dd (3m) is being treated for oral thrush. I know I need to sterilise anything her mouth comes into contact with to kill the spores.

But what do I do with all her Lamaze style soft toys? Lots have plastic bits or rattles that can't be submerged. She puts them in her mouth.

You have to wash at 60 to clean clothes but if they're supposed to be washed at 40 won't they shrink?!


BendingSpoons Thu 06-Apr-17 08:51:48

Apparently freezing toys kills germs but don't know if that works for thrush spores.

BendingSpoons Thu 06-Apr-17 08:55:47

I didn't wash clothes/toys differently when DD had it, whoops! (She didn't get it again though luckily). I would have thought most baby clothes would survive a wash at 60 as they aren't particularly delicate, but there is a risk the colour might run. Maybe try one or two items in with some towels etc to check?

Cottagecosy Thu 06-Apr-17 09:22:30

Thanks. Yes I think I'm just going to have to risk it and wash clothes at 60 but toys have stumped me!

Yes I had thought about freezer for toys. However The advice is not to express bm when they have it as even frozen milk can retain the spores and reinfect later. So seems freezing won't work.

Can i spot clean soft toys with Milton or will that not work? Was thinking I could soak the bits without the rattles and spot clean the rest.

I guess I could also use Milton on clothes? Or will it bleach them?

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