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Whining two year old

(2 Posts)
Firstaidnovice Wed 05-Apr-17 21:13:45

2 year old DS has generally been a very sunny and good natured child. Until recently! He has started doing the most godawful whining/crying, and it's almost constant. Sometimes it's something he wants (more bloody Do You Know with endlessly perky Maddie frigging Moate), sometimes something he doesn't want (vegetables obviously), sometimes because I've just sat down with a cup of tea and he senses i might be about to have 60 seconds of not attending to his whims.

I try my absolute hardest to not respond, as i appreciate it's an attention thing, and encourage him to use his "nice" voice before he gets what he wants, but there are times when it's not possible (when we have to get out of the house for school run for example). Also, sometimes it's just a no, but then he switches to his super polite voice, and gets angry and confused because he now thinks "nice" voice gets him what he wants.

I know whining is something kids do, but this is extreme, and i worry if we don't properly deal with it now, he's going to turn into an unbearable ratbag. Are there other strategies other than ignoring? I feel like he's too young for reward charts, which has always been what I've done for DD. Do i just wait for the phase to pass?

Gillian1980 Wed 05-Apr-17 21:56:45

I tend to say "oh dear, mummy can't understand you when you speak like that. Can you speak to mummy so she can understand?"

If I ignore her she carries on and gets cross and angry. Telling her what I'd like her to do seems to work most of the time, not always of course.

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