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Safe co sleeping - help

(5 Posts)
Anditstartsagain Mon 03-Apr-17 20:37:04

I frequently co sleep with ds2 7 months in the bottom bunk, we only have 2 rooms and dp snores so loud it wakes the baby so I prefer to go in with the kids. Usually ds2 goes to sleep in his cot wakes about 10/11 and then I go in with him or I'm up and down all night.

On Friday ds1 left his water bottle in the cot for some unknown reason, it leaked all through the matress so that night I made a little nest in the bottom bunk for using rolled up towels under the sheet so he couldn't roll off (he doesn't roll anyway) he slept in it until 3.30 then went back to sleep until 7.45 a minor miracle. We done the same the next night and again he slept so well.

The thing is I'm so worried about letting him sleep in the bed alone but on the other hand I know co sleeping parents put kids to sleep and get back up. How do I safely leave him in the bed alone so he's not being disturbed and I can just pop in with him?

Phalarope Mon 03-Apr-17 22:13:04

What is the bunk bed like? There was a terrible story about a young baby who'd got stuck in the ladder of a bunk bed, so I would be concerned about gaps etc.

Can DP go in the bunk if DS1 might sleep through the snoring and you have the baby in the big bed with you? No pillows near him, no duvet ideally.

Sounds a bit like he's ready to sleep on his own - is there space for his cot in that room, or could you put his cot mattress on the floor and push it under the bunk in the daytime?

oatybiscuits Mon 03-Apr-17 22:20:34

Hmm what about something like a pool noodle type 'bedguard' to stop him rolling off? I just have the single and the cot mattresses on the floor but that does mean the room needs to be fairly babyproofed, might not work with a sibling

Anditstartsagain Mon 03-Apr-17 22:52:31

His cot is in there but he never sleeps long in it. He seems to like space when ive had him in our bed without dp hes slept better but dp wakes ds1 up so cant have him in there. He sleeps at the other end to the ladders i dont think there is space to get stuck the matress is higher than the frame so rolling is the problem really.

I so want him to sleep but not if hes not totally safe.

Mum2jenny Mon 03-Apr-17 22:54:30

I'd have thought that by 7 months it'd be ok for him to sleep by himself.

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