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What is the best way of dealing with this?

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mytimewillcome Mon 03-Apr-17 10:49:46

My sons are 7 and 5 and play with two brothers who are the same age. They live in our cul de sac and they play together often. The problem is that I feel the two boys are very rude to my two boys. This has included telling my two that they don't want to play with them and slamming doors in their faces when they have knocked on their door to ask if they want to play. Saying that their dad told them that their car is better than ours (it's not and I'm pretty sure their dad did say that). Coming to play at our house and then the younger of the two boys basically acting superior and making my younger son feel bad because he's not as good a reader as him. So much so that my son then sat in another room to get away from him. I don't normally say anything but this time I asked their mum if she could stop her boys being so rude to mine but she has taken offence. She's then turned it back on me because after her boys slammed the door on my boys faces (twice!) they then posted a pencil lying outside through their letterbox and some stones.

Now if my boys are misbehaving in any way I will and have told them off but she doesn't tell her boys off at all and always blames my boys. She has even said that my eldest boy is 'disturbed'.

Should I just keep my boys away from her boys or would you handle it differently? What would you say to your children if there are children being horrible to them? Just looking for the best way to deal with this as I'm very thin skinned and don't want my boys going the same way.


Wishiwasmoiradingle2017 Mon 03-Apr-17 10:55:49

Encourage other friendships. Your dc don't need friends like these!!

mytimewillcome Mon 03-Apr-17 11:13:09

That's what my instinct is but I wanted to check I wasn't being unreasonable. Thanks!

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