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Listening to the kids talking about the tooth fairy.

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HowamIgoingtocope Mon 03-Apr-17 06:33:57

So dd lost her first tooth last night after a panic at the cinema that she had swallowed it. We popped it under her pillow last night.
Cue excited talking this morning when the tooth fairy ( hers is called pippa) had left her money and a note.
So far they have seen both of the foothills fairy together and fairy dust.
#parentingwin dd 6 ds 9

Afreshstartplease Mon 03-Apr-17 06:50:37

I have to admit I was a bit miffed when I learnt the tooth fairy left a note these days!

HowamIgoingtocope Mon 03-Apr-17 06:54:18

Oh no. Sorry. Both mine got a note for their first tooth. After that they are lucky if she remembers and doesn't swear waking up halfway through the night to collect it. Haha

Afreshstartplease Mon 03-Apr-17 07:01:24

Mine only get a note if they write one their selves and leave it with the tooth!

HowamIgoingtocope Mon 03-Apr-17 07:10:04

Ds is already talking about leaving an essay when the next tooth falls out. I may have hung myself here haha

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