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New baby

(4 Posts)
SamZie87 Sun 02-Apr-17 06:19:32

I have a 3 n half month old, 1st baby and everyone​ keeps saying, when are you having the next one? How long did you wait? I'm thinking when my lo is 6 months to try again? Is that too early? I want to try at that point.

MrsBellefleur Sun 02-Apr-17 06:25:34

It just depends what age gap you would like and if you can afford childcare for two if necessary. There's a 4 year age gap between my two as we couldn't afford two lots of nursery fees at once.

There's just over a year between my nieces as my sil stayed at home after her first so didn't need to worry about childcare.

I think everyone's different and each age gap has its advantages and disadvantages.

hoopdeloop Sun 02-Apr-17 06:48:15

I agree with Mrs Bellefleur, it's up to you.
Personally I am waiting for a larger age gap between children because we could not afford 2 sets of childcare fees, I had HG for most of my pregnancy and I don't think I would manage being hugely pregnant running around after a toddler.

On the flip side, many people do have a shorter age gap and manage perfectly.

It all comes down to what you and your partner want to do and what is best for you guys. Unfortunately you will always get some people who want you to pop out babies like a machine

na5ima Sun 02-Apr-17 08:33:29

At that age I soo wasn't ready. When my son turned 9m I wanted another but didn't try as my hubby didn't however I'm glad bcz he turned in to a monster (cute one) but the tantrum started for me. Anyhow I wanted a smaller gap as I wanted to get all the nappy feeding sleeping type stuff out of the way so they both kinda grow together as it's nicer (well that's what I'm thinking lol)
My ds is 22m and I'm 12w preg.. it'll be a nice gap.. nursery fees will get better the time I go back to work by son will have 30h free and I can pay for the baby.. anyways that's the plan let's see what happens 😊

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