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If you gave up paid work when your DC were little..

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Needmorewine Wed 29-Mar-17 16:56:47

Are you glad ? Or if you took a step back career wise & reduced to part time but this put a hold on your career progression / pay ? Do you still think it was the right choice? I'm due to be increasing to FT when DD starts school. I love love love whah I do - have been at home with her until she was 3.5 which to be frank I felt I was rubbish at and got bored and lonely. I've been training this year for a new career which is hard hard work but I love it, Iove working and I'm good at it. Been offered FT ideal role in Sept - massive guilt over yes it's the right thing for me but not for DD. I keep thinking I'll never get her first school years begin again I don't want to regret it but equally I'm not someone who thrives without paid work (recognise this now). Will all the extra money and opportunities provided mean DD will be ok ? Or would she just rather have me at home. Probably the latter. In so torn. Financially I don't need to work so I feel that makes me a worse parent as would I feel as guilty if I "had" to work which is insane I know. PT is an option but I don't feel then I'll have the opportunities for both. Anyone made this decision ?? Argh ! Sorry for rambles

Needmorewine Wed 29-Mar-17 18:03:15

That should read "opportunities for progression"!!

starpatch Thu 30-Mar-17 21:51:14

Mine is in reception now so similar issues. Sounds like you gave your DD a great start if you were home with her until 3.5 Plus you've got lots of energy yourself to think about full time work. Do you know what wrap around child care you would use? Is DD good at childcare or exceptionally clingy? Very beginning of reception year isn't absolutely best time to start work as she will need settling but sounds like you have put your own needs second for too long i would say go for it.

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