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How to tell my daughter she is leaving her school?

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Roxy72 Wed 29-Mar-17 10:48:56

My daughter has SEN issues and her independent school have said she can't transition to the senior school but has to repeat her last year of junior. This would destroy her and so we are now trying to find another school. We are in the middle of applying for an EHCP and it's all getting a bit overwhelming to be honest. She is sensitive and although she finds the work too hard etc she loves the school and her friends and I know this is going to break her heart.. anyone been through this? How do I tell her? I'm finding it difficult to think clearly I'm going through tears and hurt for how I know she is going to feel to anger towards the school for doing this so late!

MyMrKnightley Wed 29-Mar-17 19:00:59

Bit confused, she is going to loose her friends so your response is to move her from all familiar things?

Why not be honest with her and say that it's best for her if she stays for another year at juniors to help he get to grips with some of the things she is struggling with.

Then at least she has the teachers and environment she is use to.

JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 29-Mar-17 19:05:02

You might be best asking MNHQ to transfer this thread to the SEN board. You might get a few more responses smile

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