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8 week old's feeds

(9 Posts)
pyjamapyjama Mon 27-Mar-17 05:34:02

My 8 week old DS is formula fed. He has aptamil profutura and I've tried switching him onto other milks before like cow and gate comfort for colic which didn't agree with him at all, gave him horrendous nappies, his wind was worse etc and generally wasnt himself so switched him back onto aptamil. He was born 9 days late and was 8lb 7oz at birth, as of Wednesday last week he was 12lb 2oz.

He's been taking 6oz feeds the last 10 days but is now draining every single bottle, I gave him 7oz yesterday just out of curiosity to see if he'd drink it and he took about 6.75oz... should I move him up to 7oz bottles? The feeding guide on the formula carton says 7oz feeds are for babies at 15lb / 3 months old so I don't want to overfeed him, but I think hes genuinely wanting more milk. MIL suggested hungry milk but switching his formula before was such a disaster that im reluctant, any advice?


GerardNoWay Mon 27-Mar-17 05:38:00

I wouldn't switch to hungry baby formula. I'd just up to 7ozs and see how you get on. IIRC, the midwife told us to move up 1oz every time DD was draining a bottle.

I think hungry baby and comfort milk are heavier so can cause constipation/tummy troubles.

Hopeful16 Mon 27-Mar-17 05:57:12

We use comfort milk as our LO had constipation and it has helped her become regular. If your LO doesn't it would make them too runny!

divadee Mon 27-Mar-17 07:29:33

Switch up to 7oz. Don't go on what the box says. It is just a guide. I wouldn't move to hungry baby milk. Stick with what you are using and just up to 7oz.

Afreshstartplease Mon 27-Mar-17 07:32:43

I would up to 7oz and stick to your usual formula

My ds is 5 months and according to the formula box should have 5x7oz but in reality he has 5x8oz or 6x7oz

TittyGolightly Mon 27-Mar-17 07:36:26

8 week growth spurt.

lornathewizzard Mon 27-Mar-17 08:17:27

Definitely just a guideline on the box. If they are consistently draining bottles then up the amount. Worst that will happen is you waste a few ozs

Heirhelp Mon 27-Mar-17 12:24:04

You should be feeding on demand so your baby should never drain the bottle. If your baby does drain then you need to offer more.

The information is just a guide and remember if your baby is getting ready for a growth spurt then he will drink more.

pyjamapyjama Mon 27-Mar-17 16:23:42

Thanks for all the responses.

Been feeding him 7oz all day and hes been taking between 6 and 7oz

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