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Transition from Cocoonababy to cot

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BelliniButterfly Sun 26-Mar-17 20:21:47

So my 5 month old has been in the cocoonababy since birth and sleeps brilliantly. We live in a 1 bed flat so she sleeps in it from 7pm in the living room till we take her to bed with us and she sleeps till 7am. However she will soon outgrow the cocoonababy but our space saver cot won't be able to fit the sleepyhead Grande. Any ideas what we should do once she hits 6 months? I'm worries she won't settle in the cot. I've heard about the Toddle Poo any recommendations?


HiMyNameIsUnknown Sun 26-Mar-17 20:47:36

I loved my DS into his cotbed recently from sleeping in a crib. I aimed to get him to take one nap in there per day for a month before the change. I also played with him while he was in the cot & read him stories each day during the month so he would begin to associate him nursery with happy things.

We slept on and off with the mattress covers in our bed so it continually smelled of us as he was used to just being a foot away from us.

I would also pop him in there for short periods while I hoovered, cleaned the bathroom etc so he was used to being in there.

It's worked really well as he's been in there several weeks and continued to sleep through each night as normal. The first night I was obsessed with popping in to check on him, watching & listening to him on the monitors but he didn't seem fazed at all!


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