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Holiday should we go

(2 Posts)
shineon Thu 23-Mar-17 09:05:43

So have 3 children under 5. We had flights booked last year for week in Spain but for a few reasons couldnt go so changed flights to this year. But Im not sure I want to go now. We did a family holiday last yeae in France & while the kids enjoyed it me & husband didn't. It was so much hard work. Husband was cranky the whole time. Im dreading it again. Plus baby is now 1.5 so into everything so keeping him still on flight will be hard. Trying to baby proof apartment etc. But another half of me says we should suck it up for ths kids sake. They would love it. We cant get out money back if we cancel. What would you do?

MummaGiles Thu 23-Mar-17 09:06:56

Just go. With an open mind and realistic expectations.

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