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Stupid things you've done due to tiredness (Humorous)

(8 Posts)
Nikitasol Thu 23-Mar-17 07:40:01

Just put my freshly made cup of tea in the fridge instead of the milk. Tired! confused. What's the most stupid thing you've done when frazzled from parenting?

sorenipples Thu 23-Mar-17 07:50:27

Used Mr muscle kitchen cleaner instead of sunflower oil spray.

HerculesMulligan Thu 23-Mar-17 07:52:30

Sterilised a bottle teat by dipping it under boiling water with my fingers.

Washed our clothes with a dishwasher tablet.

Nikitasol Thu 23-Mar-17 07:54:55

grin impressive!

I've also when DC was tiny managed to brush my teeth with face cream and also try to open front door with a car key electronic fob. Doh!

notanothernamechangebabes Thu 23-Mar-17 07:56:42

Took DS to the baby screening of l beauty and the beast at the cinema yesterday. He nodded off and I thought it was a bit loud, so
I picked up my mobile phone and pointed it at the screen to turn it down.

Fail on so many levels.

Nikitasol Thu 23-Mar-17 16:29:38

Just seen this!

Beansprout30 Thu 23-Mar-17 19:52:02

Cracked my last egg straight into the food waste bin this morning, really fancied a pancake

imkeepingthisnamenow Thu 23-Mar-17 19:55:02

I cooked DDs tea on Tuesday and forgot to give her it! I asked her why she didn't ask for it and she said "cause you looked stressed out" sad

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