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Should I report this????

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LovingPancakes Thu 23-Mar-17 04:28:59

ok. So I know these 2 parents very well. they both smoke weed every single day. Mum is pregnant and smokes weed every day while pregnant and did her previous pregnancies. they do it in the house everyday. It makes me really angry and we have already said about how that can effect not only the child your carrying but your other kids aswell as they are exposed to it.. but they don't seem to care. they cant get through the day with weed. Dad has good paying job but they spend so much on it, most baby stuff has been given to them by everyone else! when there wage is more than enough to cover it all. should I report this to social, what would happen? I know for a fact if they knew they were coming they would just not smoke it till they had been and left. they really don't know how to look after kids either, the little one 14 moths is forced to sleep all day basically because she cant really be bothered dealing with him, its a shame on the kids. doesn't matter how many times they are told they will still do it. I don't want to put in a report for them to just get away with it and for the report to go out the window and then for it to cause problems. because they will know with out a doubt it was me who reported them and if they managed to hide it from the social then they will give me trouble about it and the rest of the family will to. uuhh. just so annoyed that people can live like that and get away with it when I know plenty of young mums who are great and are bringing their kids up properly, who know how to parent but have the social on their back because of there age. It makes me kinda annoyed really because there kids will be going to school with the smell of it on there clothes so why aint the school reporting it? and before anyway says how would i know that.. because Iv smelled it off them myself numerous times. I would hate to see them get there kids taken away and wouldn't be able to cope knowing that was because I reported them but i believe they really need a professional to come in and be like no, you cant expose your kids to this and maybe put some support in for them.
yeah ok I get it some people like to have the once in a blue moon fun, live like teenagers again and have a laugh.... but everyday? while your pregnant... in the same house as your kids? when it affects your income to the extent it does. nope. I just don't want to report it when its so important, for it to be chucked out the window then for it to cause a big argument...... what would you guys do? I know what the right thing to do is for the kids sake but I just need to hear from other people what they would do, you know that extra reassurance in knowing that what I plan to do is the right thing..... so you guys thoughts?? What would you do, what do you think of this?

MyMrKnightley Thu 23-Mar-17 06:58:01

Could you report to the health visitor team? As she is pregnant they should be on the scene and if they have concerns reports there is a problem then they could dig deeper

Wishiwasmoiradingle2017 Thu 23-Mar-17 13:27:25

Report them. It could have been the school so don't see how the blame would go to you.
If you don't ring ss then surely you are an accessory to this abuse?

LovingPancakes Thu 23-Mar-17 16:09:19

True... There HV has never been involved some reason. They will know it was me because we are the only ones that get on at them for it everyone else seems to think its acceptable, and very recently we've had a huge fall out because of it... Will ring them ,its better I get hassel than those kids being exposed to it. I just dont get how peopke can do this and not even bat an eyelid of what there doing to there kids

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