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Hotel break with 2 month old

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user1473539918 Thu 23-Mar-17 00:07:30

Going to London for 2 nights with a 2 month do people manage with everything they need to take....myself and DH will be staying in a travel lodge. They will provide travel cot, alternatively we could use the carry cot attachment for our pushchair... but what about feeding? Sterilising bottles etc how would you do it? Ask to use hotel kitchen facilities?? What about getting about? Try to walk/bus rather than underground just for ease? Any advice would be good smile thanks

TittyGolightly Thu 23-Mar-17 00:16:44

I wouldn't go if I needed to sterilise bottles.

Mine had breastmilk in bottles. I used to scald the bottles with boiling water from a kettle if I didn't have access to sterilising equipment but no way would I risk that for formula.

Can you postpone? It sounds like a really bad idea.

Phoenix15 Thu 23-Mar-17 00:48:24

I doubt a hotel would let a guest use their kitchen... sterilising tablets & bowl or taking an electric steam steriliser. Bulky though :/

HughLauriesStubble Thu 23-Mar-17 00:55:44

We took ds for a one night break when he was around a month old. Used some cold water sterilising bag things that we got in mothercare and they did the trick, although if I had known better I would have just brought a basin and milton sterilising tablets as there's no need to rinse afterwards.

mimiholls Thu 23-Mar-17 07:33:21

It's perfectly simple to sterilize. Just get some disposable sterilizing bags and cold water sterilising tablets. You just put the bottles in with a tablet and some water from the bathroom tap and they're done in 15 mins. There will be a kettle in the room for making up bottles and probably a fridge if you need it. It's only 2 nights so you can take a few of the premade bottles of formula for out and about or during the night.
I would definitely take a sling for going out. Buses are awful with buggy and most tube stations do not have lifts. It's also slow going on the pavements in London with a buggy!
It will be fine, no reason at all not to go. You need very little stuff for out and about at this age. Just a few nappies and bottles!

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