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Does the Easter Bunny exist?

(2 Posts)
dreamingofahotsummer Wed 22-Mar-17 22:21:41

I'm asking in preparation of a question I know I'm going to get within a couple of weeks from my DS1 aged 9 (Not 10 till Dec).
I've always promised myself that I wouldn't lie to my children, although last Dec I found myself stretching the truth somewhat when DS1 asked "mum, is it you that puts the presents out and not Father Christmas?" I got away with saying of course it wasn't me that put presents out. Instead I made DH do it instead!!! As I said - stretching the truth!!
So my question is: what should I tell him when he asks if the Easter Bunny is real? He's 9 now so I think we've done quite well keeping the magic alive. I know he's going to ask and I have no idea if I should tell him the truth, lie or what!!
Please give me your thoughts!! X

lavenderandrose Wed 22-Mar-17 22:23:07

Honestly? I think nine is really pretty old to literally believe the Easter bunny is real. As a kind of fun joke, no problem, but believing in an actual magic rabbit when he's ten this year would make me raise an eyebrow.

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