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What did you do this morning?

(31 Posts)
Picklesandpies Wed 22-Mar-17 08:18:35

I decided to write down a list of the things I've done this morning, since 6am when I got up. I realised it had taken me a full two hours to get to the point where I could do something for myself (eat porridge - what a luxury!)

I'm curious to see how other people's mornings go - maybe I might see some enlightened way that means I don't feel as though I've done a full days work before 8.00. Dh gets up at 5.30 to leave at 7.00 and he basically only gets himself ready in this time - sometimes he will empty dishwasher and make me a cup of tea.

Here goes -

Sorted washing and put it on
Put away crap in hall
Filled drinks bottles
Made snack
Sorted book bags
Looked for maths record
Cleared kitchen table crap
Emptied dishwasher
Dried and put away washing up
Made beds
Got coats and shoes ready
Made breakfast for Dd2
Tried to go to loo - failed due to frantic knocking
Loaded dishwasher
Cajoled with spellings
Did Dd1's hair
Dealt with Dd2 meltdown over pencil case
Brushed Dd2's teeth
Did Dd2's hair
Cleared away pyjamas and hangers

Took pills (for horrendous period pain)
Had 5 minute shower
Got dressed and did make up

YesItsMeIDontCare Wed 22-Mar-17 08:26:58

Woke up
Woke DS up
Went back to bed
Shouted through to DS about getting up a couple of times
Waved DS off
Came back to bed


BitOutOfPractice Wed 22-Mar-17 08:28:34

Woke up
Made coffee
Meal planned for a week
Took dd2 to school
Went back to bed with more coffee

MrsPringles Wed 22-Mar-17 08:29:59

Got up at 6 and tidied up downstairs from last night (put washing up away, opened curtains/blinds etc)
Had a shower
Stripped and remade DS's bed
Put 2 loads of washing away
Make up/hair/got dressed whilst DS watched Netflix in our bed
Got DS dressed
Made his breakfast
I had breakfast

Just about to make our bed and put a load of washing on, then need to leave soon for a bank appointment

This is my non working days, working days are 4,000 times more stressful

esiotrot2015 Wed 22-Mar-17 08:33:36

5.30 got up told ds 13 to go back to bed as it was 5.30
Got up at 6.15 , ds sitting downstairs on tablet hmm
Had breakfast , watched news
Woke dd (10) up at 7am
Had shower , make up & dressed
Told dd to comb her hair
7.30 , told ds we were leaving , reminded him to lock up & take games kit, left house with dd, dropped her at breakfast club
8am arrived at work

Zzzzzzzz grin

LastMangoInPeckham Wed 22-Mar-17 08:46:50

7:45 woken up with cup of tea from DH
7:50 asked DC to set table for breakfast
8:00 had breakfast
8:20 waved DC off to school
Now back in bed breastfeeding baby.
Hats off to anyone who can face doing any laundry related activity at this time of day! 😉

Pyjamaface Wed 22-Mar-17 08:55:32

7:30 DS got into bed with me so we snoozed
7:45 got up and dressed, brushed teeth. Told DS to get dressed
8:00 Told DS to get dressed, fed cat
8:10 Shouted at DS to get dressed
8:20 DS finally dressed and downstairs making toast
8:30 Out the door, DS still eating toast, for school.

I leave any housework for after school run, not awake enough to do it before

Maltropp Wed 22-Mar-17 08:57:39

6am up at partners house... Fed cats there, emptied dishwasher, cleaned surfaces in kitchen, re loaded dishwasher.

Had cuppa with partner in bed.

Drove home got here just before 7.
Unpacked own dishwasher, tidied up ds1's hwk that he needs to finish this avo, found ds1's hockey kit for this eve. Sorted dt's swimming kit for this eve, made salad for my lunch, folded and sorted dry washing, showered, got dressed, dealt wth own cats (including giving one his sauna... He's poorly).

Own kids got dropped off 7.50...had life/kid admin convo with ex H. ds1 needed to locate school planner and sort out a water bottle. He went to school at 8.10. Dt's needed snack and checked they had what they needed for school, they left at 8.20. I tidied own kitchen and put some washing away and changed the cat litter.

Had a coffee. Got mithered by cats. Now guzzling coffee and off to work in a min..... Need to evict cat from my lap and find waterproofs so don't get drenched on bike ride in....

Rumtopf Wed 22-Mar-17 09:03:08

Woke at 6 to check that dd (14) was ok and up to getting in the shower as she came home with a migraine yesterday lunchtime from school.

Came down, put a pot of coffee on, had a love fest with the dogs as they need fussing over having not seen me for 8 hrs!
Let dogs out.

Made dd breakfast.
Made dd packed lunch.
Reminded her about various school stuff.
Saw her off to school.

Fed dogs breakfast and let them out again.
Made myself breakfast and several coffees.

Had a shower, got dressed, just sitting down with another coffee to check emails.

Writerwannabe83 Wed 22-Mar-17 09:44:12

Was woken up by DS at 6am but I managed to dose until 6.45 whilst DS sang to himself.

7.15-7.45am: sorted out mine and DS's breakfast and enjoyed a cup of tea.

Up until 8am DS ran around like a maniac with his helium birthday balloons.

8-9am: we did various jigsaw puzzles together, played fuzzy felt and did some colouring.

9-9.30am: we sat down to watch some cartoons whilst enjoying drinks.

Now: we are about to head up to the bathroom to get washed and dressed smile

alltouchedout Wed 22-Mar-17 09:54:27

Got up, went to the loo
Made packed lunches
Fed the cats, scooped crap out of the litter trays
Took a load of washing out of the dryer, folded it
Gathered clean school uniforms for the elder dc, clean play clothes for the youngest
Packed youngest's bag for childminder
Made breakfasts for dc
Woke dc up
Got myself dressed and made up whilst reminding elder dc every five minutes to get up, eat, get dressed, brush teeth
Woke ds3 up, changed his nappy, got him dressed, had usual morning fight to brush his teeth
Got everyone downstairs, refereed usual morning hysteria over the location of shoes and coats and bookbags
Packed my bag
Bundled ds3 up in coat, fought him into pushchair
Made ds3 emergency cheese toastie as original breakfast had been thrown at cats
Left house, dropped ds2 at school, stopped to get cash for ds1 to take to pay off dinner money debt, dropped ds3 at childminders, walked ds1 to bus stop
Walked to own bus stop, got first bus which was late, got off first bus and ran to catch second bus
Got to work, read emails, made coffee, logged on to mn as emails are depressing
Will now get on with some actual work...

Natsku Wed 22-Mar-17 10:01:27

Woke up at half 6 (well OH woke me up)
Got DD dressed (she's half asleep this early in the morning so I dress her while she's still snoozing on the sofa - OH carries her down to the sofa when he gets up)
Brushed her hair
Went down to the basement to get the washing from the machine with DD's help
Put away the dry clothes
Helped DD with her coat and boots etc. because she is still a lazy bum even when awake and waved her and OH off
Hung up the wet clothes

That took about 30 minutes in total. After that I went back to bed and snoozed for a couple of hours grin

Now its midday, I've had breakfast and drunk a pot of tea and have done nothing else productive.

In a couple of hours time I'll need to walk to pick DD up and bring her home which will take about 2.5-3 hours depending on how slow DD walks.

Picklesandpies Wed 22-Mar-17 10:03:59

Well I don't know about this thread being 'enlightening' but it certainly is heartening to read about others' mornings! Feel less alone! The first two posts sounded alarmingly sedate but it got better after that grinOh, and I remember so well the mornings pre school age. Some were chaotic in a different way but I do recall the lovely mornings having breakfast together, playing games and planning what you were going to do with your day.

Natsku Wed 22-Mar-17 10:24:33

A lot of mornings I just wake up, get DD dressed and out the door and then go straight back to bed Pickles grin But some mornings I stay up and do the dishes and the laundry before I even have breakfast, but I find those days tend to really drag on.

raspberryblush23 Wed 22-Mar-17 10:39:32

I feel like such a slob reading these! grin

My morning so far: I got up at 7.45- this feels like an achievement to me at times as I work evenings, so I didn't get home until after 1am, falling asleep at 3am.

Gave 18mo DD and 8yr old DS breakfast and lounged on the couch for 10 mins.

Put DS lunch together and checked his bag. Then changed DD's nappy, put her clothes on.

Left house at 8.35 to do school run.
9 am- Went to a cafe for a coffee and breakfast roll with DD, then on to the park for a bit. DD is now napping and I'm back in bedsmile. I've got a busy afternoon though.

HecateAntaia Wed 22-Mar-17 10:42:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DoubleCarrick Wed 22-Mar-17 10:43:12

Woken by baby at 5am. Feed-scream-feed-scream....on repeat. Booked a doctors appointment for him. Still not dressed and still not had a cuppa tea

justonesherryformedicinalpurpo Wed 22-Mar-17 11:07:35

Up at 6 but stayed in bed till 6.50 and then up with baby.
Had a quick tidy in living room whilst kettle boils and get DPs lunch out.
Sit down together with hot drinks while baby plays.
Toddler awake at 7.30 so I get her some milk.
DP leaves for work at 7.45 and I crack on with breakfast which we sit and eat together.
Music on. Toddler playing with toys and I take baby round with me while putting laundry on, make beds, wash up, clean bathroom, put clean clothes away and a general tidy.
Baby asleep at 10 so DD1 and I have snacks and a toddler chat in her room.
Baby still napping. Toddler pulling apart her rice cake and I still have hoovering and more putting away to do before lunch.

Hopefully around 1 they will nap together and I can nurse a coffee and slouch on the sofa before more play and then dinner.

I don't normally do that much tidying in the morning tbh. I have groups tomorrow and Friday and I like coming back to a fairly clean home so I thought I would plough through today.

Do you work OP? Just wondering if that is why you do so much in the mornings?

897654321abcvrufhfgg Wed 22-Mar-17 13:13:41

Er why is your hubbie getting up at 5.30 if he leaves at 7??? qhat does he do for 90 mins????
My morning is
6.25 hubbie up
6.30 2 youngest up
6.40 get up make tea
6.45 hubbie leaves for work and I take tea to bed
6.45-7 tea and mymsnet in
Bed whilst 2 youngest watch cbbc on iPad
7.00 get school uniforms laid out and lunch s made
Get dressed
7.15 breakfast for 2 youngest
7.30 wake up dd(13)
Load of washing and empty dishwasher and tidy up after breakfast tsunami
8.00 wave off oldest 2
8.15 make up and get youngest teeth done, coats on and in car
8.30 get in car
8.45 drop dc 3&4 off at school
Back home to begin daily housework grind

toffeeboffin Wed 22-Mar-17 13:40:55

Got up at 6.40.
Brought DD upstairs.
Prepped bottle, fed DD.
Put kettle on.
DS got up.
DH left for work.
Persuaded DS to pee and dress.
Made coffee and put porridge on.
Changed DD.
Made toast for DS.
Drank coffee and ate porridge.
Tidied kitchen, soaked bottles.
Bundled DD into car seat.
Helped DS with a poo.
Wrangle DD into car seat.
Same with DS.
Set off for nursery.
Got petrol.
Arrived at nursery.
Dropped DS off.
Having coffee now with DD asleep.
Will do some shopping then home for more shenanigans.

TheConstantCakeEater Wed 22-Mar-17 13:51:00

I got up at 6 with DC and:
-poured cereal
-unloaded dishwasher
-wiped a poo
-made a bagel that didn't get eaten
-made DH coffee
-put washing on
-got myself and DC dressed and ready and to school
-signed reading record
-bought a 5th red nose
-took toddler to soft play
-folded dry washing
-hung wet washing out
-sat down for a whole hour while nap time took place

Since then I've also cleaned the kitchen and hoovered the downstairs. Typical day here.

BitOutOfPractice Wed 22-Mar-17 14:36:59

Op i think the difference in morning stress levels is entirely down to the age of the DC. Mine are 17 and 14 so not much hair brushing or dressing required

Nottalotta Wed 22-Mar-17 14:40:38

Oh I love these. My mum.posts on fb like this all the time and it's only just within my power to resist posting this:

3.30am woke up by refluxy baby. Say up with him over my shoulder so he could sleep.
5.50 ds got up. Changed both nappies. Fed baby. Changed another nappy. Wandered about upstairs after ds1.
6.30 downstairs. Get ds1 breakfast. Give ds2 medicine. General chaos of two babies, two cats and husband getting sorted for work. Brush ds1 teeth. Back upstairs for 7.30
Get ds2 to sleep while playing with ds1......
Get myself and ds1 washed and dressed. Pack overnight bag for ds as staying at Gp tonight. Put load of washing on. Sort second load. Put away yesterday's load.
Wash up, sweep downstairs. Ds1pooped so nappy. Put washing out, second load on
9am drop ds at Gp. Go in for coffee and feed ds2, nappy, chat.
Go shopping. Get home.
Start putting shopping away. Bring washing in (rain) bung in dryer
Feed ds. Change nappy and clothes as poo escaped. Put on to soak.
Eat lunch.get ds to sleep. Put more shopping away. Ds wakes up. Feed. He's just pooped in his sleep.
That's it!

Paffle Wed 22-Mar-17 15:03:32

Woke up about 6.15
Snoozed/read emails/read paper till 7
Quick cuddle in bed with the kids
Bye bye cuddle with kids
Left the house at about 7.30

Picklesandpies Thu 23-Mar-17 06:47:00

Loved reading all the replies to this. Very interesting.

I don't work no, I'm a SAHM and my children are 6 and 9 so at school blush I absolutely take my hat off to working Mums/Dads/single parents - I don't know how you do it.

Maybe I am just incredibly inefficient - I work really hard to be organised but it never seems quite enough. Dds share a room so that sometimes has its issues!

Hopefully things will get easier as they get a bit older! grin

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