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Am I like other mums!?

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zannary Mon 20-Mar-17 12:48:00

I work full time and work most weekends I have every Monday off and I'm exhausted. I do my best to get out and about with my dd who is 2 next month but lack of money and energy means most of the time we stay indoors and play. She can make as much mess as she wants with her toys as it all tidies away at the end of the day. We have cartoons/Disney/films on all day too but I always get the feeling that I'm being a bad mum because I'm not taking her out all the time. Am I the only mum who does this? I've never been one to go to baby groups etc. Am I just falling into the trap of believing what I see on Facebook!!!

Trb17 Mon 20-Mar-17 20:29:20

I was just the same. Don't feel bad it sounds like you're having great one to one time which kids thrive on.

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