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wwyd? not happy about kids school

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user1489094655 Sun 19-Mar-17 21:37:31

I really could do with advice about issues I have about my children's school and whether I am being unfair and what to do. They are only niggles but when there are some many I feel they needs addressing

DD is reception, sen ds is in nursery.
Both started there in September (didn't get first choice of school)

I will be brief.

1. Gone to the expense of making costumes for 'wear something funny' for comic relief, they have now added it could be just non uniform, so now most kids are gonna wear non uniform which I would have preferred to do and feel my kids will be odd ones out.
2. Allowing own scooters to be brought in from home and used at lunchtime starting next week, isn't that dangerous, how are they going to manage it? what about arguments? kids who cant afford scooters? accidents? enforcing helmet wearing?
3. serving cake/haribo as snack time that other children have bought in for birthdays/or teacher has made. I only want them to have fruit for snack but if I enforce that it will make my kids different and dd particularly miffed.
4.sarcastic comment about ds sen issue to us.
5. head not having/wanting pta or parent helper. I think pta's raise much needed funds to enhance the school experience and pay for things that cant be bought from much squeezed budgets.
6.not having any sort of Christmas production.
7.teaching assistant for ds sen not spending all her time with him when she is paid for from the funding allocated from the county council.
8.communciation is poor, website not up to date, launched app but its not used.
9. homework is poor, not thought through and mostly printed from a website.

Finally, all the parents were invited to school to participate in helping to improve your child's handwriting skills activity hour. The behaviour of some of the children was dreadful, kicking a wooden sphere around the classroom from the maths table, not being told to stop. The activities were boring and not challenging, no structure to the event and the class teacher spent all her time holding and cooing over a baby sibling of one of the kids.

Am I being unreasonable or is it still an hangover from not getting the school we wanted.

Thank you

missmapp Sun 19-Mar-17 21:59:58

I think that points 4 and 7 from your list are things to worry about- especially point 7. If money is allocated to your ds, then the TA should be with her ( I assume you mean EHCP funding ). The other points are fairly typical school things which are common in many schools- especially the dress up/own clothes day bits .

Times when parents are invited in are always tricky, as the children get very excited and an inexperienced teacher may lack confidence to speak to a child about their behaviour in front of the parents. if that is you only concern over behaviour, I wouldn't worry.

Can you go to talk to the SENCO about your SEN concerns?

MiaowTheCat Tue 21-Mar-17 09:59:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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