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Swimming - silly questions

(9 Posts)
beatbo Sun 19-Mar-17 14:56:26

Want to take my 19 month old swimming for the first time

I have reusable swim nappy and a Huggies swim nappy- which would be best or the same?

Also pool is shallow but not the type with a beach - do we just hold him to make sure he doesn't go under the water? He won't understand not to swallow- how do we handle that?

I have bought swim arm bands too should he have them on?

Tia! Feel like a total novice. There will be two of us and him. Both adults are strong swimmers

Ecureuil Sun 19-Mar-17 15:02:52

We use a reusable swim nappy but huggies also fine. They're just to contain any potential poo.
Just hold him in the water. I started swimming with both of mine at 8 weeks old (now 3 and 1) and always just held them (DD1 can swim now, I still hold DD2). Not sure about arm bands, I've never used them. I wouldn't over think it! Just have a bit of fun splashing around in the water.

LonnyVonnyWilsonFrickett Sun 19-Mar-17 15:05:14

He will swallow! Hold him at face level then do a big mime of closing your mouth, try to get him to copy you. But also accept that some water is going to go in there. As for the rest of it, it's just holding and splashing and dunking. Have fun!

Marmite27 Sun 19-Mar-17 15:06:39

We do swim lessons, and it's a buggies swim nappy with a neoprene happy nappy on top - so both together.

The rest I'm not sure how to explain what's taken a year for my 18 mo to learn in a few lines, but someone else may be able to smile

Lowdoorinthewal1 Sun 19-Mar-17 15:16:14

I would totally recommend a well fitting shortie wetsuit with a swim nappy underneath.

We took DS swimming every week from being tiny and he looked so much more comfortable in a relatively cold pool than the DC just in shorts as he stayed warmer.

Just hold him to begin with. He will soon be doing 'zooms' between you and your partner and he will learn naturally to hold his breath underwater.

Maybe it would be worth doing one term of waterbabies? It's expensive, but it will really build your confidence and show you all the things he is able to do in the water.

DS is 6 and swims 3.5hrs a week now and loves it.

Allthebestnamesareused Sun 19-Mar-17 15:17:47

Hold hom inder his arms with thumbs across his chest. This way you can tilt him into a front down position .

Play games like blowing raspberries/ bubbles in the water. This will get him used to getting his face wet and in the water.

Allthebestnamesareused Sun 19-Mar-17 15:19:04

* him under - stubby fingers on iPhone

Marmite27 Sun 19-Mar-17 15:41:27

Lowdoor, waterbabies round here you have to start before one - not sure if it's the same everywhere though

Lowdoorinthewal1 Sun 19-Mar-17 17:12:33

Oh do you? DS started at about 6months, I didn't realise you couldn't start later.

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