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Anyone else lonely/homesick after moving abroad with toddler?

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shackattack Sun 19-Mar-17 03:25:01

6 months ago my boyfriend and I moved to a smallish town in Canada called Tevelstoke with out then 13 month old son. It really hasn't been the fun and exciting experience I was expecting (have lived between France and uk for past 10 years and I always loved the changes of scene and variation before).

Not sure if it's because I have a child now, am pregnant with 2nd, and just want a bit more stability...but I'm missing being in my own house (we rent & are switching houses 3 times in first year), my family and friends. I'm finding it hard to meet new people out here, people are friendly on the surface but none of my efforts have resulted in any friendships yet! My routine out here is sooo dull, difficult to do anything due to snow everywhere, haven't left Revelstoke in 6 months because there's nothing to visit that's less than 2 hours drive away. Seriously appreciating how close knit and accessible everything is in England, and just how much stuff there is to DO even just within 1/2 hour drive of our house.

Not sure what this post is about really, I'm just unhappy and was wondering if anyone else out there felt the same after 6 months but then made it work in the long run? Maybe this is normal and I'm expecting too much too fast?

KingIrving Mon 20-Mar-17 01:59:17

Sadly it not uncommon to feel this way when moving far from home. I don't know if you have seen it but there is a topic on Mumsnet about living overseas

We have moved an awful lot and it is getting harder and harder to make real friendships. You, however, have an advantage: you are expecting. So join some prenatal classes (from yoga to whatever is on offer even if you are not interested), so you will meet mums, and having a baby at the same time creates usually a good bond.

As long as we are in Europe, and a short flight away from the people we love, we don't realise how lucky we are.

My advice would be to invite, invite and invite again, for a cup of tea, a brunch, ....
Good luck

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